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  1. Ebarber

    Peter Stokkebye Luxury Navy Flake

    Does PS LNF have burley in it? It's always categorized as a Virginia Perique blend but I could swear I can taste some burley in there.
  2. Ebarber

    Vauen Caro

    I've had this one on my radar for a while and had almost pulled the trigger on it a few times over the last year or so. I just love the looks of this pipe. I recently decided to sell a few pipes and humidors that were gathering dust to justify it. It's been a while since I've been excited...
  3. Ebarber


    I have been here for a while but I just finally decided it was time to introduce myself. I guess I kinda enjoy you guy's ;) I am sorry if it was rude but I like to observe for a while before I get too involved with anyone or anything. As I got more involved with the group, I think I like it here...
  4. Ebarber

    So I Got a New MM Cob

    When I would see these out in the wild, I had always thought of them as a novelty. I saw them at a B&M last week and decided to pick one up and try it out. I saw where they might come in handy for a taste tester or a quick smoke providing they would smoke ok. I'm pleasantly surprised. I think...
  5. Ebarber

    C&D Folklore

    I saw on Instagram the Cornell and Diehl is coming out with a new small batch soon called Folklore. Anyone know anything about it?
  6. Ebarber

    Jarring Up Some Mac Baren

    I'm still jarring up my bulks I bought during the Christmas sales. Tonight I jarred up some Mac Baren HH Burley Flake. I'm always in awe of the beauty of the flakes in a box and then the jar. A labor of love for sure. I can't wait to see how this stuff tastes 5-10-15 years from now. Has...
  7. Ebarber

    Another Antique Store find

    I'm getting ready to jar up some flakes. Man these holiday sales are killing me lol! I figured I'd share some Velvet I found at a store yesterday. All full and sealed ☺ from what I've read these are around 40 years old. I hope they are good but if not, pretty cool anyways.
  8. Ebarber

    Paint Can Style Tin Sealing

    So it pained me to think about jarring and throwing out all of these European tobacco tins. While jarring my bulk I was thinking of a solution to be able to somehow seal these tins long term. I came up with filling the moats of the tins with Paraffin canning wax. It's a little messy but I got...
  9. Ebarber

    HU Delivery Today

    DHL man just left and man am I happy! 1 Kilo of German bam bam :ROFLMAO:. What a Beautiful sight!
  10. Ebarber

    Edgeworth Sliced

    So on my antique store browsing session today. I came across this. It still smells pretty good but I'm sure it's pretty dry. I did not remove any of the flakes yet but being a full tin and sliced I'm wondering if I should try to rehydrate it? I couldn't pass it up at $6.00.....worth a try or no...
  11. Ebarber

    A Few Antique Store Finds Yesterday

    My wife and I do a lot of antiquing and flea markets. Yesterday we took my parents to a few shops with us. They love going also. I am always on the look out for anything pipe related, especially old estate pipes. I have been looking for years and could never find anything I thought would be...
  12. Ebarber

    I've been noticing a lot of page errors stating "This page isn’t working" on when trying to look for reviews. Anyone else noticing it a lot lately or is it just me?
  13. Ebarber

    My New Antique Store Finds

    Enjoying my new antique store finds while trying out the Savinelli 145 anniversary blend in my Morgan Pipes Professor. I really love the middle tin and I've never seen it before. Briggs pipe mixture "when a feller needs a friend" anyone ever heard of this tobacco or tried it? The remaining part...
  14. Ebarber

    Columbus Pipe Show 2021

    Anyone going to the Columbus Pipe Show in August? Myself and a few friends are planning on going probably Friday and Saturday. I figure since it was canceled last year it's probably going to be a good one.
  15. Ebarber

    Savinelli 320 vs 321

    I have a 320 and love it but was looking at the 321's. There are no pipe shops near me with them to be able to compare. Would someone be able to maybe snap some side by side comparison pics that have them both? I know I could just order one and send it back if I don't like it but i'm trying to...
  16. Ebarber

    Tobacco Tax Equity Act of 2021

    Oppose Federal Tax Increase on Premium Cigars & Pipe Tobacco U.S Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden (D-OR), along with U.S. Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi (IL-D-08) , introduced the bicameral Tobacco Tax Equity Act of 2021. The bill has been...
  17. Ebarber

    Warped The Red Hunt Topping?

    Does anyone have an idea on what topping they use on Warped The Red Hunt? In the tin it smells of chocolate covered cherries to me and I very faintly taste it in the smoke. I'm not a huge fan of tobaccos with toppings but this is not bad. I think it would be better without the topping though.
  18. Ebarber

    A Labor of Love!

    A lot of work but well worth it ? 6 Lbs of D&R Rimboche A.B. going into the cellar ?
  19. Ebarber

    Ken Byron Ventures

    Does anyone have another way besides their website inquiry form to contact Ken Byron Ventures? I didn't get what I ordered and have sent them 2 messages with no response........
  20. Ebarber

    Early Tuesday Morning Pipe

    A nightcap with my new Bones Professor! Enjoying some C&D Bayou Morning Flake and some companionship from my new little shop buddy we rescued from an abusive neighbor. Her name is Nia and her sister Paisley is currently at the vet hospital awaiting hip surgery from the incident that I witnessed...