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  1. Charlie718

    Can 2 Way Moisture Bags Make Cigars Soggy?

    In my work bag I keep a tin of R&J Cigarillos in a two way moisture bag that SPC uses to ship cigars. Today I went to smoke one on my drive home and they were all soggy with water in the bag. My locker room isn’t to hot or humid either. I don’t think that much water could be in the bags moisture...
  2. Charlie718

    First Meer Progression

    My gut tells me this pipe isn’t starting to color after around 10 bowls but the walls are really thin where the reverse tear drops are. It even looks to be getting a reddish hue inside those tear drops. Picks of new and now: In the last pic the tear drop on the stem still has a little bright...
  3. Charlie718

    Stokkebye Evening Flake Sells Out Quickly

    WOW that Stokkebye Evening Flake sold out quick lol. I received the email that it was in stock at 11:45a and by 3:00p it was sold out again, oh well lol. Seeing as it sells out so fast I’m thinking that if it’s similar to Bayou Morning and if the price is right I may just order some bulk. Can...
  4. Charlie718

    Is There A Way To Raise The Heel?

    I have a basket pipe I’m rather attached to and it smokes great with the exception of the draft hole being higher then the heel causing me to waste good tobac. I read a thread from 2015 that mentioned either Pipe-Mud or maybe a non-toxic high heat clay? The thread ended without a solution to...
  5. Charlie718

    Can Ash Build Up Snuff Out Your Pipe?

    I’ve read somewhere that the ash in the pipe helps with a slow controlled burn and you should only up end a pipe and let the lose ash fall out and leave the ash that doesn’t. Every time I try that the ash that stays seems like it snuffs out my pipe because it goes out after every sip. If I then...
  6. Charlie718

    Recommend Me an Aromatic Please

    I’m looking to try a few aromatics. Seeing as they are very different from cigars I don’t know what my tastes are yet so I thought I’d start with what an old teacher used to smoke for nostalgia and that’s Captain Black - Cherry. Any recommendations will be appreciated and eventually tried.
  7. Charlie718

    I Caved and Bought My First Expensive Pipe

    This piece called out to me this morning and it was still available when I got home from work so I figured it was meant to be mine! This is my first pipe that was more then $120 US. I hope she don’t spoil me and that I can continue to enjoy the pipes I already own so I can continue to focus on...
  8. Charlie718

    Are Any of These Actual MM Cobs?

    I grabbed two MM Cobs online for $10 a piece and they have different labels. Can someone tell me if I grabbed a knock off and if so which one is real?
  9. Charlie718

    Is this Normal with Flake; If Not, What am I Doing Wrong?

    Smoking Peterson Navy Flake and wondering if it is normal for the tobacco on the side of the bowl not to burn? Every time I smoke flake I have to push what is on the sides of the bowl in and lightly tamp. I’m using the fold method and wondering if it’s my packing, lighting, or the wrong tobacco...
  10. Charlie718

    Hello from New York

    Hello everyone, my friends call me Charlie. I’m 32 years young and just got into the hobby. I started with a Savinelli rustic briar churchwarden and Peterson Navy Flake (probably an odd combination). I smoke while sitting through traffic on my way home from work and the hobby has turned what was...