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    English blends

    If you are in a budget , try best of the rest english by P&C.
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    Not a Hobby!?

    There is a difference between the aspect of smoking and the hobby of collecting pipes. Of course , they are interrelated.
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    A Dunhill Treasure?

    dunhill is not dunhill since the 80's... or maybe before.
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    No more UNO!!!!

    Not to my taste. The latakia and dark fired are secondary players and it seems that they tend to cancel each other only leaving a smokey support on the cake. I smoke latakia mixtures oftenly and this is not a latakia mixture. It is , i would say , a unique and very special vaper.
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    Favorite from LJ Peretti ?

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    Key Largo?

    In that wheelhouse , C&D habana daydream.
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    Snagged A Charatan Underboar

    If you are a Charatan collector , you made a good find. For smoking , there are better alternatives. Enjoy it , for any reason.
  8. C


    I guess you mean Central America
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    I was looking today a spain video on youtube wich states that there is a 150% increase in price of habanos. Of course , since they are not available in USA , it does not matter much here. But , what about the people who buy them outside? . It seems that the reason is the very high demand on the...
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    Favorite and Everyday Coffee

    Alto Grande.
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    Wally Frank "Immortals"

    I think they where made with a sort of Lamberoth replicating machine. As for smoking , they should smoke like the average briar pipe from that time.
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    Dunhill S/G's 4/26/22

    I understand that these pipes where made in Denmark probably on the Harcourt facility.
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    Newer Pipe Smoker Wants Thick Clouds

    And pack with a soft hand.
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    Newer Pipe Smoker Wants Thick Clouds

    Add some cigar leaf to your mixture. It tends to provoke more smoke
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    Wedding Cigar Help.

    Guantanameros and Quintero are both economical cuban cigars. Probably you would spend less on these than importing dominican/honduran/nicaragua cigars from the states.
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    Question About a Dr Grabow Pipe

    Teflon tape
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    Three Friars

    haunted bookshop
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    English Recommendation?

    Similar to balkan sasieni ? Whiteknight , Magnum Opus.
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    Codger Gold!! C&D Three Friars: Opinions?

    So to me , in the same way that OJK as a stronger version.