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  1. echambers

    ISO Information on Kaywoodie Figurals

    I've searched the forum and I've searched Pipedia and can find very little information on Kaywoodie figurals other than a few random pictures. Can anyone point me to a place that might have additional information? I recently picked up one that looks like one of the three musketeers without the...
  2. echambers

    Achievement Unlocked

    Found one of my two unicorns: a birth year Dunhill I’m excellent condition. Will post a picture once it is delivered. Next, save a little more cash and track down at Talbert goblin...
  3. echambers

    ISO Disney Pipe

    As many of you know, Disneyland use to have a pipe and tobacco store on Main Street (I think it closed in the 70s). During this time they sold branded pipes. From what I understand these were basic basket pipes with the Disney logo on the stem. Anyway, I'm a big Disney guy and would love to...
  4. echambers

    What is Your "Unicorn" Pipe?

    Seeing cigrmaster's post on the 1966 Dunhill got me thinking of the pipe that I'd really like to acquire--a Dunhill from my birth year. That would be my unicorn. What about you?
  5. echambers

    Early Christmas Present

    My first briar pipe! Wife says, "I know you want one, just get something nice..."
  6. echambers

    Kona, Hawaii BnMs?

    Heading to Kona next week for the holidays. I've searched online and can't seem to find anything other than glass and vape shops. Anyone know of any pipe or cigar friendly places on the big island? Also, I remember hearing some time ago about a farmer who was trying to grown tobacco on the...
  7. echambers

    Military Veterans?

    Apologies if this had been done and done again. I did search and didn't find anything though. So, how many of you are military veterans? I served three years in Charlie Co, 2/325 82nd Airborne from 86 to 89. Who else served? Where? When?
  8. echambers

    Setting up My Profile

    I have two questions that I think are related. First, I've seen screenshots on other posts that shows several options on the [My Account] drop down that allows you to modify your account and change, change your password, and so forth. The only drop sown I says "Log Out.: Second, I uploaded a...
  9. echambers

    Bulk vs. Tinned

    I've read a number of reviews that have compared the bulk and tinned version of the same tobacco. Almost universally reviewers favor the tinned version. Assuming it's the same blend what contributes to these differences?
  10. echambers

    New Member

    Hi All -- forgive any breach of etiquette if this is the wrong place to post an introduction. Long time cigar smoker just making a transition to pipes. Looking to learn as much as I can and get to know some of you. I am located in the northwest corner of the county. Eric