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  1. Grangerous

    BBB Contrast 636 Sitter

    I’ve just added another Billiard to my collection. My third British Briar behind a Parker and a Dunhill. It’s drilled beautifully and isn’t too hard on the eyes. I can’t wait to bring it down a few pegs with some Granger! I actually haven’t purchased a smooth billiard in quite a stretch...
  2. Grangerous

    Titanic Pipe

  3. Grangerous

    Blessing or Curse?

    The Blessed @cosmicfolklore commented that there are very few blends that he doesn’t enjoy and I imagine @JimInks is able to find something endearing about many, many blends. The Cursed Me? I don’t do Latakia nor straight Virginias nor Dark Fired nor Perique. I distaste anything artificial, too...
  4. Grangerous

    C&D Winchester & Others

    I ordered some new tobaccos to try and have enjoyed subsequent bowls of two so far. I’m quite enamored with Cornell and Diehl’s Winchester. The other is the Sutliff Match Ready Rub —Interesting chunky cut that one—I rubbed it out further. The CD Winchester is a joy to smoke. Tasty, pure leaf...
  5. Grangerous

    Unknown Pipe. Anyone?

    A friend rediscovered pipe smoking and has a small collection of pipes going back 30 years. He took these pics. Anyone?
  6. Grangerous

    Pointed Pipe Prevails

    Kid, you make some good points… However, I’m holding a pipe… I am now pointing the pipe… Which renders your argument null and void.
  7. Grangerous

    Pegasus or Old Joe Krantz Blue Label

    I’ve no right to crack another tin with as many as I have open but the talk of Old Joe (Blue Label) edging out Pegasus by admirers of Pegasus such as @ray47 and @marconi and @cosmicfolklore now even @dog_park_piper, another voice in the wind, have pushed me over the edge! And besides, @BROBS...
  8. Grangerous


    Words cannot describe moments like these. A crisp December morning. New puppy asleep on my lap; he’ll know only love. Small heater providing a comfy mix of winter air and warmth. A cup of hot coffee and a bowl of Pegasus while I contemplate that tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Not the Christmas...
  9. Grangerous

    Medicinal Purposes Only

    Wife has Covid and I’m caring for her. As of yet, I’m healthy — It’s been 3 days. I’m fully vaccinated, all three Pfizer. So aside from extra Zinc and Vitamin C — I’m keeping nicotine levels steady. I’ve read the studies. I do not care that they are inconclusive. I have nothing to lose...
  10. Grangerous

    Savinelli Roma Lucite 673 KS

    Savinelli Roma Lucite 673 KS This was an impulse buy on Black Friday. I’m not a filtered pipe enthusiast nor do I often stray from my collection of classic tapered billiards. I’m a simple bloke all around with my tobacco and pipes. Matches 860 always made this pipe look like an appendage and...
  11. Grangerous

    Briar or Brand?
  12. Grangerous

    SWRA Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic

    Tossed in with my most recent order is a pouch of Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic. I did this on a whim and in large part to the touting of @mso489 who’s opinion I’ve come to trust. I base this on his thoughtful commentary on numerous topics. — Let’s see he’s right about SWRA. I remember well the...
  13. Grangerous

    Future Me Will Thank Today Me

    Future Me Will Thank Today Me I don’t know that our fears of a pipe-leaf famine or a 1000 percent increase in cost will ever materialize. — But I do know that future me is going to be very happy that I’ve packed away a little something for a rainy day, whether that day comes or not. My order...
  14. Grangerous

    Solani Aged Burley Flake vs C&D Pegasus

    In one of my rarer moments, I decided to smoke something from the cellar. While pulling the tab on a fresh tub of Granger (love that sound) —I took a moment to look through some opened “premium” tins. — you know —the ones I seldom smoke. Decided to revisit Solani ABF. Nice interior packaging...
  15. Grangerous

    Pipes, Pups and Pets

    My Pipe & Pup! An 11 week old Lab/Aussie Shepherd. He’s content to just pass the time with me. — but he’ll never curiously sniff my pipe again. Let’s see your furry, feathered or feline companions and some pipes too! Missouri Meerschaum Cob with C&D’s Pegasus today!
  16. Grangerous


    Pegasus - Bob Runowski, I do hope there’s a heaven and you’re enjoying your reward. A band of angels should’ve descended to earth to escort you to the pearly gates for your creation of Pegasus alone. It’s a cool sunny morning of 54 degrees and I’m in early morning bliss. I’m enjoying a modest...
  17. Grangerous

    Kaywoodie Vs. MM Cob

    MSO recently posted his respect for the venerable Kaywoodie. I love this forum, in part, for it’s power of suggestion. Since I own one, I’ve dug it out and decided to have a comparison smoke. Since I’ve been smoking only cobs the past few weeks, this is the perfect time to compare my MM Cobs...
  18. Grangerous

    Summertime Found Treasure

    By it’s heft, I’d thought I’d found a half tub in my garage cabinet. It’s Better! A collection of misplaced Cobs! The end of pretension in a can! I’m going to put away my briars and for the remainder of the summer, enjoy these Cobs. Rest easy Briars… See you in a couple of months and...
  19. Grangerous

    Savinelli De Luxe Milano 128 Sandblast Billiard Sitter Estate Pipe With Clear Acrylic Stem

    Just want to share my latest PAD acquisition.., It’s my 2nd Savinelli — the Clear Stem triggered my PAD. Blue Room Briars…of course! Thanks again Scott, Jessie and crew!