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  1. hawky454

    RIP Mark Lanegan

    I just learned that Mark Lanegan, died at 57 today. I am a big fan of his... very sad to hear of his passing. RIP Mark
  2. hawky454

    What Are You Sealing 7mm Mylar Bags With?

    Hey all, I thought I would ask what works best to seal up your 7mm Mylar bags with? I’ve recently bought a whole bunch of 7mm Mylar and the heat sealer I was using on my thinner Mylar doesn’t work on this thick stuff. I was looking at this: Fuxury 12 Inches Impulse Heat Sealer Machine for...
  3. hawky454

    A Trip To The Antique Shop!

    So I came up to my parents house with my daughter for a day visit in Salado, TX (about an hour drive north of Austin). My Stepfather needed some help with a dresser they needed to pick up from an antique shop so I came along to help out plus I love going to antique shops from time to time. After...
  4. hawky454

    Shape Of Things To Come?

    I’ve noticed that with the newer tins (at least with Erinmore) they are starting to pack the round tins with the square inlets so in turn you get much more prestine cut flakes that don’t stick together. Here is a picture so that you can better see what I’m talking about. I have twenty tins of...
  5. hawky454

    Help Me Date This Condor 5 Pack

    I was looking around for some vintage tobaccos today from some various sources and I found this; I couldn't pass up the price and the seller assured me that the seals were intact and the tobacco was still pliable and springy. I've been pretty amazed at how well these pouches hold the moisture...
  6. hawky454

    Sipper or Puffer?

    I'll go ahead and admit it here, I am not a "smoke it gently" kind of guy. I've tried it again and again because here on the forums they'll make you believe you are doing something wrong if you produce any kind of significant smoke, so for years I tried maintaining a smolder and ya know what...
  7. hawky454

    To Snork or Not to Snork

    Somebody brought up this subject in another thread and it sparked my interest. As a pipe smoker I am almost constantly retrohaling, and I couldn't imagine smoking a pipe without doing that as that is where the flavor is at. The majority of our taste comes from our olfactory system (sense of...
  8. hawky454


    Watched the Netflix original 1922 last night. Thought I’d mention it here because it’s got some great pipe smoking action! It’s a thriller/horror so if you don’t like that genre than stay away, otherwise I highly recommend it. Fun fact: Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle) did the score...
  9. hawky454

    Lacing a Blend with Snuff

    I got this idea from Troy (misterlowercase) and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. Take a base blend like Lakeland Dark, Peterson’s Perfect Plug, Dark Birds Eye (just to name a few) or anything you think could use a bit more flavor and/or nicotine. Get your favorite Snuff (I find that SP...
  10. hawky454

    Aged Condor...

    For the past couple of years now I've been spending all of my free money on stocking up Condor mostly in it's Plug form but I've got a lot of the RR & LC pouches in my cellar as well, my goal is to get a lifetime supply as just like in the case of Velvan & Erinmore Plug, ya never really know...
  11. hawky454

    Steven Crowder on Joe Rogan Experience.

    I'm a huge Joe Rogan fan and today while watching Episode #917 Rogan had Steven Crowder on his podcast. Crowder brought in two pipes and some tobacco so Joe and himself could smoke during their discussion. Crowder says his brother is really into pipe smoking and he broke out some tobacco that...
  12. hawky454

    Dunhill Dark Flake & Ye Olde Signe

    Hit the U.S market today. Out now on smoking pipes
  13. hawky454

    Foil Topped Lids

    Does anyone have any experience with the foil topped lids and long term aging? I was gifted a 7 ounce tin of Peter Heinrich's Special Curley from Smoking Pipes in 2010 and I have kept it in my cellar since. I have started to worry about the foil seal they have on top. Does anyone know how these...
  14. hawky454

    Robert McConnell Red Roses

    Any of our friends across the pond try this one? I'm assuming it's fairly new? This is a pretty unique blend and I have only seen one other similar blend from Steven Books' House of Calabash. Tin description via Tobacco Reviews says this; This tobacco is a perfect composition of jet-black Black...
  15. hawky454

    A Suitable Substitute For Revor Plug!!

    Are you tired of trying to find a good source for your Revor Plug needs? Have you grown tired worrying about where you'll get your next Revor Plug from? Sick of having to ration your sacred Plugs? Ever wish there was a suitable substitute for Revor Plug that's inexpensive and always in stock...
  16. hawky454

    Pouch Storage

    How do you all store your pouch tobacco? I know a lot of us have been stocking up on certain blends that may be impossible to get in the States in the very near future. My problem is I don't know what to do with everything I have acquired. I already have at least 250 jars, so I don't want to...
  17. hawky454

    Tabac Manil: Le Petit Robin 100g

    Just letting you all know that this is in stock at Smokingpipes... Only 13 left (5pm central standard time) Tabac Manil
  18. hawky454

    Brown Bogie Long Term Storage

    Hey folks, I'm hoping one of you all can help me out here. I just recently bought 500 grams of Brown Bogie and I want store it "as is" because it's just too damn pretty to compromise it's figure. It's about 5 and half inches wide so I'me looking for a glass container with a 6 inch wide mouth...
  19. hawky454

    Favorite L.J. Peretti Blend.

    This house looks like it has a lot of winners. I just recently purchased a large tin of their Original Mixture and I look forward to receiving it. I want to explore this house further and I'm curious what your favorite L.J. Peretti blends are?
  20. hawky454

    Question About St. Bruno

    How is it that one tobacco is currently being manufactured by two different companies at the same time? It appears, through my internet research, that Ogden is the original manufacturer and still is in certain countries but now Mac Baren is also selling it under the same name and graphic design...