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  1. SBC

    Can you Identify my Priest's Weird Pipe?

    My priest is not a smoker, but his father recently found an exceedingly weird pipe among his family heirlooms. Knowing that I collect pipes, he asked me to identify it, and I'll be darned if I can't (heh). Here are notes from my priest: 1. It is believed that it belonged to my dad's...
  2. SBC

    FS: Four Lots - McClelland, Dunhill, Aged Escudo, Etc. [3/26/2022]

    (1) Peter Heinrichs Dark Strong Flake - (the larger, 200g tin) $50 shipped (2) Frog Morton's Cellar - 100g $125 shipped (3) McClelland No. 24 Virginia - 100g $125 shipped (4) VA/VaPer Lot: DUNHILL branded Navy Rolls Escudo (2009) Wessex Campaign (2010) Astleys No. 44 (2013) Wessex...
  3. SBC

    FS:3.25 lbs. of Some of the World's Most Highly Rated Burleys.(03/04/22)

    Uhle's Blend 00 - 8.73 oz. (rated 3.9 @ TR) Uhle's Blend 44 - 12.18 oz. (rated 3.5 @ TR) Uhle's Blend 300 - 11.16 oz. (rated 3.3 @ TR) Uhle's Perfection Plug Burley - 10.36 oz. (rated 3.6 @ TR) Uhle's Crushed White Burley - 9.69 oz. (rated 3.5 @ TR) That's over 3.25 lbs. of what burley lovers...
  4. SBC

    FS: Six Lots - Special Reserves, Astleys, Wessex, Solani, Heinrich, etc. [2/13/2022]

    Six lots for sale. All tins are unopened. $5 off each additional lot. In other words, if you buy two lots then you get $5 off the total, and if you buy three lots then you get $10 off the total, and so forth. Lot 1: $155 14 tins of War Horse Bar (50 g. each, 700 g. total) Lot 2: $145 5...
  5. SBC

    Where to Get Large Digital Images of the Frog Morton Art?

    Does anybody know? I'm thinking of framing large-ish prints for my wall. I love these. But most of the images I'm pulling up online will pixilate too greatly when blown up. Let me know if you know where to get these. Thanks!
  6. SBC

    FS: Peter Heinrich, Solani, Robert Lewis, Samuel Gawith, Wessex, etc. [2/6/2022]

    Three lots for sale. I do not wish to break up these lots. All tobaccos are unopened. Lot 1: $150 Peter Heinrich Dark Strong Flake, 200 g. GLP Triple Play, 8 oz. Savinelli Special Tobacco, 50 g. War Horse, 50 g. GLP Haddo's Delight, 2 oz. GLP Stonehenge Flake, 2 oz. Robert McConnell Scottish...
  7. SBC

    Do you Dump Ash Mid-smoke?

    Title edited. Please capitalize important words. -jpm I've been frustrated to find several different blends delicious for half a bowl, but acrid after the halfway point (or thereabouts). It occurred to me this evening that this may be due partly (or wholly?) to the accumulation of ash that I'm...
  8. SBC

    Help me Not Stink at Fly Fishing?

    I spent last summer trying to fly fish. Mostly on the Pike River of NE WI, but I did make it down to Black Earth Creek, just west of Madison, for one afternoon. I never caught anything. In fact, I never had a bite. I never even saw a rise in the Pike River (I read that this formerly great...
  9. SBC

    Peer Reviewed Tobacco Smoking Correlations

    Cerebral, Neurological, and Psychological Correlations Positive Correlation to Cerebral Blood-Flow: SAGE Journals: Your gateway to world-class research journals - Negative Correlation to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's: Smoking and...
  10. SBC

    My Pipe Made the Paper

    Last Sunday, as I pulled into the Christmas tree farm puffing a cheap bent billiard/egg, a lady was just pulling out in her little sedan. She looked up as we passed each other and her jaw dropped to see my pipe. She immediately swung a U-turn and reentered the lot after me. As we stepped out...
  11. SBC

    The Tonka Bean: An Ingredient So Good It Has to Be Illegal

    Since some of us are quite partial to this bean's flavor in our tobacco, I thought that I'd post this fascinating little write-up from The Atlantic: The Tonka Bean: An Ingredient So Good It Has to Be Illegal
  12. SBC

    Is Ennerdale Flake Available Anywhere?

    A forum member recently sent me a generous sample of Ennerdale. I went from being weirded out by the tin note, to being weirded out + impressed by the first bowl, to wondering what was happening to me by the second bowl, to admitting that I was in love by the third bowl. I know that it's one...
  13. SBC

    What Maritime/Nautically Branded Blends am I Missing?

    I've had a mind to include a maritime/nautically branded blend in my regular rotation. I know that what does and does not constitute a "Navy Flake" has been controversial, and I don't want to get into it. Suffice it to say that what I'm looking for would have a VA base with a rum topping. I'm...
  14. SBC

    What is "K.M." on a Savinelli?

    I just picked up an estate Sav -- a rusticated, paneled, saddle billiard -- marked "K.M. 1999" I can find no information on the "K.M." Do any of you know what this means? Was this a Sav line? Or could this be an Autograph and K.M. is the carver's initials?
  15. SBC

    Changing Recipes without Changing Labels

    A few months ago, I got a couple tins of 2014 Wessex Classic Virginia from another guy's cellar. It's been my favorite VA to date. I'd stockpile this for life, if I could. (I like it far better than their more expensive and highly rated Campaign flake.) But, having read that the recipe changed...
  16. SBC

    Quiz: Pipe Smoking Parallels

    Different pipe smokers smoke pipes for different reasons. To my way of thinking, many of these reasons can be paralleled with other enjoyments. Below, I will list some pipe parallels which come to mind. I am very curious to read which of them apply to you. (Disclaimer: My suggested parallels...
  17. SBC

    My Experience with Lbepen Deoxidizer [with pics]

    Of my pipes, five had oxidation worth bothering with. As you can see, the levels of oxidation varied: I submerged them in the honey-like (in appearance and texture... not smell...) substance for almost exactly two hours: When I pulled the stems out, they left behind beautifully obvious...
  18. SBC

    Shipping Sample Baggies to Canada?

    Do any of you Americans have experience shipping tobacco sample baggies to Canada? Or, do any of you Canadians have experience receiving them from the US? I'm just wondering whether I might expect any customs trouble. Could I send a few sample baggies in a manila envelope? Or is that going to...
  19. SBC

    Shortcut To Mushrooms / Frog Morton's Cellar Sub: Fusilier's Ration

    Shortcut To Mushrooms (JFH), Frog Morton's Cellar (McC), and Northwoods (Boswell), formed a certain trinity for those of us who loved them. It's not that they were identical. But, somehow, if you loved one, you'd wind up loving the others. Those who loved them almost invariably wound up...
  20. SBC

    Hobby Denial

    At the risk of agitating people I like very much: I doubt some forum members' denials that their pipe smoking constitutes a hobby. Certainly, there are pipe smokers in the world for whom it is not a hobby -- pipe smokers who don't discuss pipe smoking on pipe smoking forums, nor collect pipes...