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  1. aspiring_sage

    Not a Hobby!?

    My apologies to all on the forum: Twice I’ve forgotten again that “hobby” is a curse word, and insulting here. Smoking is so much more, than mere “hobby”. This is my second offense and it appears I did not learn from the first. Pease know I mean no insult. In my life, anything that costs this...
  2. aspiring_sage

    Favorite Places to Smoke, and Public Piping Etiquette

    MN is thawed out enough to break out the pipes again! Last year I was just toying with the hobby, but now I'm actively using it to get space to think. Most of my smoking happens in the garage, or while I mow the lawn. I've got a lawn chair in the garage and it is pretty good for reading a book...
  3. aspiring_sage

    Meerschaum in the Rain

    I have been smoking cobbs and a Dr Grabow until last month when I got a meer. This month, I've been enjoying the meer exclusively. When it rains, I'm not usually outside in the rain a lot but I'd been smoking my Grebow upside-down. How would a meer hold-up in this instance? Summer in MN is...
  4. aspiring_sage

    Intentionally Blackening the Rim of a Meer to Imitate Van Cleef

    I just pulled the trigger to buy my first meer. Waiting for it to arrive. It was difficult to swallow the price, most of my previous purchases have been cobs. I had my eye on two styles: The Lee Van Cleef style from the Dollars trilogy. A meerschaum cutty. I couldn't find any cutty pipes in...
  5. aspiring_sage

    Is a Zippo Pipe Insert Really Better?

    Title edited for caps and brevity. (no caps for articles). -jpm I like Zippo lighters. Great to fidget with, I haven't had one in years. I'm really drawn to a certain design, but they don't sell it with the pipe insert. Maybe I'll buy a 2nd just to use the pipe insert out of it. Is the pipe...
  6. aspiring_sage

    Hello from Minnesota

    Greetings all from Minnesota! I started smoking pipes just a few months ago this year. I haven't been exposed to many tobaccos yet. Attempting to support local shops before ordering online, I tried only a couple of tobacco types. I have since learned the "TOBACCO" stores close to home cater to...