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  1. mikebjrtx

    WTB MC Dark Star Reserve (5/12/22)

    I don’t know if it’s really for sale but he’d probably trade a tin for one of your kidneys.
  2. mikebjrtx

    WTT Capstan or Salty Dogs for Peterson Irish Oak, Dunhill Royal Yacht or Deluxe Navy Rolls. 5/10/22

    Doesn’t have to be all the same. I’m happy to get or send a mixed lot.
  3. mikebjrtx

    Brown Mark on Vulcanite Stem on Brand New Ropp Pipe

    Looks like a mold line from manufacturing. If it collects moisture it will discolor. It should have been buffed out. I’d send it back.
  4. mikebjrtx

    Unburned Tobacco or Dottle Question

    I smoke to the bottom if I’m enjoying it. I usually dump some ash about 2/3 in if it gets hard to relight. If it’s still good I’ll stir the bottom. But if it gets unpleasant I’ll dump it half way. My pipe serves me.
  5. mikebjrtx

    FS: Salty Dogs 2/8/2022

    This is done Thanks
  6. mikebjrtx

    For Sale - Mixed Lot, Includes Shipping (02/09/22)

    it’s not a question, but a statement. I think it is applicable to most on the forum. “Damn I wish I’d been the first to see this.”
  7. mikebjrtx

    FS: Salty Dogs 2/8/2022

    Lot of 5 for $85.00 shipped Single for $15.00 plus shipping Continental US only. Thanks
  8. mikebjrtx

    Pipes & Cigars

    I agree with you. I’m going to keep buying from them. Overall my experience with them is pretty good. Ironically, this may be a tin they offered to exchange for me 9 years ago.
  9. mikebjrtx

    Pipes & Cigars

    I'm certainly not a mycologist, but I do have some experience with mold. In my limited experience I've only had problems with mold when two conditions have been met: something is wet mold spores are present I keep my tobacco inside my house in a spare bedroom. It's a clean dry...
  10. mikebjrtx

    Pipes & Cigars

    You only have 30 days to return tobacco. This tin had no issues with the seal. Bottom of the tin had no rust. Just opened it this weekend. It was an old tin. I've had to move several to jars as they form tiny rust pits on the bottom of the Classic Burly Kake, Anniversary Kake and Marble Kake...
  11. mikebjrtx

    Not a Beginner... But did I Break this new Stanwell?

    The top and sides look great. It’s hard to smoke through the bottom. I’ve burned through the side of several cobs and even a few briars, but you really have to try to burn a hole through the bottom
  12. mikebjrtx

    Is this normal?

    The pipe is odd. High stummel drill and off center at the bowl. You probably won’t be able to pass a pipe cleaner all the way. Just use a fluffy pipe cleaner as far as it will go several times each smoke.
  13. mikebjrtx

    Cleansing The Palate Between/During Smoking Sessions

    I don’t think I’ve ever cleansed my palate. My palate must be filthy. Probably worse than the top of my fridge. I cleaned it three years ago
  14. mikebjrtx

    FT HH Vintage Syrian (08-27-21)

    Do any of these appeal to you? I have others.
  15. mikebjrtx

    Looking for Tips : Moderate Oxidation Removal on Vulcanite Stems

    A tiny bit of acetone on a soft cloth will dissolve sulfides quickly but I don’t know what it will do to a white spot.