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  1. solideogloria86

    Military Mount Commission

    Does anyone know of any artisan pipe makers who do military mounts? A paneled Musico billiard with army mount that got away, has been haunting me. I keep watching the new drops and haven't seen anything close come around for months. I figure another one may never come along that ticks all the...
  2. solideogloria86

    Trustworthy Tobacco Review Co: Frog Morton's Cellar

    In this edition of Trustworthy Tobacco Review Co's tobacco reviews, we're going to take a look at arguably one of the most popular pipe tobaccos to ever be produced, Frog Morton's Cellar. The tin art here features quite a strange scene. From the name on the tin "Frog Morton's Cellar" we can...
  3. solideogloria86

    Show us your Musico's

    I just received my second Musico today. Black Sandblasted Liverpool with Silver Band. Had a bowl of Victorian to break it in. It smokes very well. I have never really considered collecting a certain pipe maker, but this second Musico really has me considering it. Here's the new pipe pictured...
  4. solideogloria86

    Ludlow Saylor Wire Company Lovat Clean Up

    For background on this pipe, see here. Here are a few before and after shots. Just a simple clean up. First step was to remove the stinger. Used magic eraser followed toothpaste and a scrubber sponge to remove oxidation from the bit. Followed by a soft cloth polish with Decatur No-Ox stem oil...
  5. solideogloria86

    Promotional/Advertising Pipe

    I just won this little Lovat on Ebay. It's stamped "Ludlow Saylor Wire Company". The history of the company is really what drew me to this pipe. Having a nice little lovat that could smoke like a champ for $9 is also huge plus. Ludlow Saylor Wire Company was founded in 1875, and they...
  6. solideogloria86

    Hilarious Pipe Description

    Here's a hilarious description from an estate meer on smokingpipes. Enjoy
  7. solideogloria86

    Eltang Basic Vs Nording Compass Vs Eltang Poker

    I'm going to go ahead and create this thread in anticipation of the arrival of an Eltang Basic I just ordered. I figured I will answer the question everyone has, and then answer a question I have, and possibly others. Question 1: How does the Eltang Basic compare to the Nording Compass? I do...
  8. solideogloria86

    Foundation by Musico Dealers

    Does anyone know where else you can buy Foundation by Musico pipes besides I can't find anywhere except SP (US and EU) and the storefront in Italy. Any online dealers I'm missing?
  9. solideogloria86

    US Customs Regulations Regarding Wood

    Attempted to order a Taylor's Eyewitness Hardwood Barlow from the UK. Tracking went weird and when questioned, customer service sent this reply. First I've heard of anything like this. Has anyone else? I've definitely heard of restrictions on certain species etc. If this is true, does this mean...
  10. solideogloria86

    Musico Paneled Billiard

    It was on my wishlist at smoking pipes. Which one of you bought it? I'm upset ?
  11. solideogloria86

    What's in the Window?

    What the heck is in the Window on the Elizabethan tin? Fried eggs? Nipples? Some by gone form of decoration I'm oblivious to? Serious answers only. ?
  12. solideogloria86

    Sandblast or Rustication?

    I was thinking back to when I first took up pipe smoking. I was a big fan of rustication, and I really didn't care much for sandblast. Now it's the other way around, and in my reflection I realized the reason why. When I was first starting out, I only looked at pipes within the lower end of the...
  13. solideogloria86

    Comoy's Cask No. 4 Discontinued?

    I stocked up a little on this one a while back, but haven't seen it in stock in ages. Has the Comoy's line of tobaccos been discontinued?
  14. solideogloria86

    USPS Signature Confirmation

    My wife just dropped a few tins off at the post office for me, and the guy working asked if it was tobacco. (Because he knows me ?) Anyway, he informed her that going forward, all tobacco would require an extra charge and a 21 and over signature confirmation. Has anyone else experienced this?
  15. solideogloria86

    FS: Quiet Nights and Plum Pudding Lot 10/29/21

    I find myself leaning away from heavier Latakia blends, so making room in the cellar for more VA's. 3- G.L Pease Quiet Nights (2x 2018 1x 2020) 1- Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding (2018) $65 shipped for the lot in the US PayPal ff preferred. Priced close to retail or a bit under with...
  16. solideogloria86

    Ready Rubbed VA's and Va/Pers

    I love VA and VaPer flakes and broken flakes. From Union Square to Christmas Cheer. Lbf, Comoy's Cask No.4, HH Pure Virginia, Wessex Campaign Dark Flake etc. For some reason, I've never ventured to try anything Va that's not a flake. I was sent a sample of Bayou Morning, and didn't enjoy it...
  17. solideogloria86

    FS:1958/59 Dunhill Shell 38 FT 9/3/21

    Need some extra cash, so up for your viewing pleasure is a 1958/59 Dunhill Shell 38. Purchased as an estate and given a light cleaning. I've tried to capture stamping and condition as accurately as possible in the photos. (hence the flashlight) Some oxidation and minor chatter on the bit...
  18. solideogloria86

    Eltang Mini Arne Jacobsen with Horn

    I've been bitten by the Eltang bug. I have two of his Pokers and love everything about them. Lately I've been seriously considering trying to get a mini aj with horn. Anyone out there have one and wouldn't mind disclosing pros and cons? Mostly curious about how the military mount performs...
  19. solideogloria86

    Dunhill Stamping and Dating

    From everything I've read on pipedia, this appears to be a shell briar from 1955-60. Am I interpreting that correctly? Also, does anyone know what the stamp to the right of "Made in England" means? It appears to be a sickle inside a circle. This is the only picture from the eBay auction. I...
  20. solideogloria86

    WTTF/WTB EMPTY McClelland Arcadia and Honeydew Tins 6/28/2021

    Looking to round out my collection of Sherlock Holmes themed tobacco tins. Anyone have any empty Arcadia and or Honeydew tins? Not exactly sure what to value the empty tins at, but I'd be willing to work out a trade of Tobacco for the empty tins, or pay a fair price. I only need one of each.