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  1. ophiuchus

    The Most Famous Tacos in the World... and My Achilles Heel

    Damn, I miss Chicago …
  2. ophiuchus

    The Pipe Pipe

    Wow! That just looks terrific!
  3. ophiuchus

    Pineapple on Pizza: Yea or Nay?

    I’m a sucker for pizza. I like the traditional, and New York thin crust and Chicago deep and Detroit pan. Mushroom and pepperoni is decades-old weekend staple and I’ve always got room for a chicken Alfredo pizza with artichoke. Pineapple, ham and banana peppers (sometimes with bacon) is a...
  4. ophiuchus

    Peterson House Pipe PSB Bent P-Lip = Victory

    The best revenge against ill-fates is survival. Here’s to your tentative green light becoming indefinite.
  5. ophiuchus

    If You Could Only Keep One...

    Hell, this one’s easy! I’d cheat. 👹
  6. ophiuchus

    Public Piping; Where Do you Do it?

    With some attempt to be considerate to others and with respect to local ordinance, just about anywhere outdoors, occasionally everywhere. If anyone notices, they don’t show it. puffy
  7. ophiuchus

    Bring Back the 309!!

    If brought back, it‘s got to have the long stem. Preferably vulcanite …
  8. ophiuchus

    Ken Barnes Passed Away?

    He was good people. The loss on that level is more than a loss. The departure of his knowledge and experience in our common hobby is inestimable. When someone like this passes, I end up acknowledging my selfishness due the hole he'll leave in the conversation. He takes with him irreplaceable...
  9. ophiuchus

    Interview With JimInks At Smoking Pipes

    Pipes and tobacco, fine art and comics, old time radio, Edward G. Robinson and William Conrad … I almost feel like I know you, Jim! I really enjoyed Chuck’s work here.
  10. ophiuchus

    Who Wants to Play?

    It figures ...
  11. ophiuchus

    BJ Long Quality: Have You Noticed A Difference?

    I’ve noticed this as well, particularly with the bristled cleaners.
  12. ophiuchus

    Happy "World No Tobacco Day!"

    "World No Tobacco Day" ... It even sounds like something made up by 2nd graders.
  13. ophiuchus

    BJ Long Quality: Have You Noticed A Difference?

    I tried exploring this topic not too long ago: Something As Elementary As Pipe Cleaners :: Pipes Accessories - I think the quality of BJ Longs pipe cleaners goes up and down. I've become partial to White...
  14. ophiuchus

    How Do Tires Age?

    Tires are your car's interface with the road. Okay, joking about the obvious aside, the cost of four tires would likely be less than the cost of potential post-accident deductibles and/or post-accident medical bill copays. Plus, driving even an old car with new tires just feels good. Keep in...
  15. ophiuchus

    Favorite Three Songwriters

    Wish there’d been room to add Lou Reed, but now I’m cheating.
  16. ophiuchus

    Favorite Three Songwriters

    Great list(s). The dozen or so on mine have already been mentioned, so I’ll add three who haven’t … Irving Berlin, Carole King, and Andy Partridge.
  17. ophiuchus

    ***What Are You Smoking, May 2021?***

    First smoke in days! Working on a bowl of Edward G. Robinson in this very slender Sunlight pot bought from Paul’s Pipe Shop in Flint, MI. not too long ago … very easy on the hang/clench.
  18. ophiuchus

    Dark Spot Forming On Meer Heel, Normal?

    I don’t have a meerschaum yet. I find how they color fascinating. I’ll have to try one out sometime. I’ve been looking.
  19. ophiuchus

    Given A Tin of 1996 Christmas Cheer...Rust Inside

    Though I’d recommend pitching that out of a sense of safety, faced with a similar situation, I would probably try to smoke some from the center of the mass that hadn’t come in direct contact with the sides of the tin. I’m a total idiot about this kind of thing. Your call … puffy