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  1. puff_not_snuff

    Do you believe in devolution?

    Do you believe DEVO was correct? "half a goon and half a god" -DEVO
  2. puff_not_snuff


    What causes itching?
  3. puff_not_snuff


    Do you feel Dutch when you purchase or eat carrots the kleur orange?
  4. puff_not_snuff

    Why do People Back their Car In?

    Title edited. You know when you are at an already busy parking lot and some genius decides to make it complicated for everyone else by backing their car into a spot. The only reason one should do this is if they intend on committing a robber, in my opinion.
  5. puff_not_snuff

    Long Hair Music

    I am going to a long hair music performance tonight. Do you listen to long hair music?
  6. puff_not_snuff

    At The Beginning Of The Change In Seasons

    At the beginning of the change in seasons, do you sometimes get an uncertain feeling? Like something's gonna blow.
  7. puff_not_snuff

    Aphex Twin

    Does the man from Aphex Twin still smoke a pipe and post here? I wanted to share with him, this video.
  8. puff_not_snuff

    How can Some People Eat so Much Fried Food?

    I'm not even talking about obesity but intestinal distress. I know some people who seem to eat all sorts of fried crap on a daily basis without consequence, but who knows what actually happens behind closed loo doors? For me, the occasional fried item is ok but consumption must be spaced out by...
  9. puff_not_snuff

    The Straight Story

    I re-watched the Straight Story last night. Very much enjoyed it the first time but now that I am 20 or so years older, I appreciated it even more. It's a rather sentimental (almost Hallmark like) film for Lynch. I guess the fact that Alvin Straight actually made that trip on his lawnmower makes...
  10. puff_not_snuff

    How People Fade Out Of Your Memory

    I saw a face the other day, though as I stopped to tie my Weejuns, recalling that the had no laces and I recalled, that, that face is one that I knew. Then, the nose on that face, blew into a balled up mask maybe carried as a spare, perhaps one needed to washed as maybe it had some stain, either...
  11. puff_not_snuff

    Mr. Jon Appleton Has Passed

    He was a pioneer.
  12. puff_not_snuff

    Long Hair For Men Gives Unwanted Attention

    I do not have long hair any longer but when I did have long hair on occasion I noticed when I was driving that sometimes a car with a man would pull up beside me and he would look disappointed that I was not a woman.
  13. puff_not_snuff

    Just Want To Tell You Guys Something

    I've been meaning to tell you guys something here for a while. No, it's not like when your wife shows up at work with a pair of underwear in a plastic bag that she found under the seat in the car. I have never had that experience but in a situation like that I can anticipate that I would feel...
  14. puff_not_snuff

    Two Guys Talking On The Radio

    Has anyone heard those two guys talking on the radio? I believe they are comedians.
  15. puff_not_snuff

    Alternate Side Parking

    Do you believe alternate side parking is humane?
  16. puff_not_snuff

    Drawering Tobacco

    Does anyone else drawer their tobacco vs cellaring it? I believe for many reasons that it is a superior method to store tobacco.
  17. puff_not_snuff

    We Lost A Giant

    I am sad to inform you all that Sad Frothy has passed. I hope he's enjoying a bowl of latakia up in heaven with Jimi and Cher.
  18. puff_not_snuff

    The Past

    Are you bothered much about all the time that has gone by? I use to rarely think about it and remember how all these old people would tell me when I was young how time flies and roll my eyes. Now I think to tell the youth the same thing but know that they must learn like I did.
  19. puff_not_snuff

    Customer Service

    EZpass provides good customer service. Give them a ring.
  20. puff_not_snuff

    Continental Cuisine

    Do you remember continental cuisine? When I was a lass and my parents took me to a restaurant they served continental cuisine. On the menu were dishes like liver with bacon, chicken cordon bleu, stroganoff and fudge. What happened to restaurants serving continental cuisine and what continent...