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  1. jazz

    Charatan Rolls

    I finally got around to opening the tin of this I had lurking in the darkness of my tobacco cupboard and being a long time fan of Dunhill Navy Rolls I didn't expect much from it. However, I found myself really pleasantly surprised. It's delicious. It's no replacement for the Dunhill and now that...
  2. jazz

    It Had to be Love

    Firstly, please forgive my wordiness. I believe it's nearly four years since I purchased my last pipe. 3 years, 7 months and 28 days to be more precise. I haven't been counting, honest! I just worked that out :-) It's not that I haven't heard the call because I have wanted many in that time but...
  3. jazz

    Shape Names

    I just found myself wondering about the origins of shape names and how they came to be. Some are obvious and really need little explanation. Tomatoes tend to look like tomatoes. A brandy looks like a brandy glass and volcanos, well, they look like volcanos. Others are less obvious though...
  4. jazz

    Peterson, P-Lips and a Plug.

    The first pipe I ever bought was a Peterson Kinsale XL 15 with a P-Lip stem. It's a pretty pipe, although, a bit shiny, and at the time I was pleased with it but it was not long before I got more pipes and better ones and realised I didn't really like it as much as I used to. One of the reasons...
  5. jazz

    Dunhill in the UK

    This is getting confusing. I just received this email from GQ tobaccos. Seriously, what the **** is actually happening to the blends in the UK?
  6. jazz

    Blue Planet II

    Unbelievably, it's been 16 years since Blue Planet, the BBC's brilliant oceanic nature series but the sequel has been more than worth the wait so far. I'm not sure how widely known this was/is outside of the UK but it's everything the BBC does best and having watched 3 episodes I'm very much...
  7. jazz

    Father the Flame

    Will I ever be able to download and watch this film? I have been following this for years and have been looking forward to it patiently but it seems to be taking forever. I know it was screened at the Chicago pipe show but that must have been 5 or 6 months ago now. It looks like a very well done...
  8. jazz

    Samual Gawith and Cabbie's Mixture

    Forgive me for this may be long-winded. I'm mainly a Virginia guy. I'd hazard guess that 80% of the tobaccos I smoke are VaPer's, VaBur's and variations on that theme. I enjoy the subtlety and I especially enjoy the sweetness. Virginia is just incredibly comforting and seems to make everything...
  9. jazz

    Melbourne Australia

    In two weeks I am going to be in said city for the best part of the month. My trouble is that Australia seems to have some utterly absurd tobacco laws and primary of these is I am only allowed to take in 50 grams of tobacco. Preposterous and not even close to how much I will need for my stay...
  10. jazz

    Marlin Flake, Old Gowrie and Hal O' the Wynd

    I would like some opinions on these 3 from you good folks and to be more specific opinions on sweetness. Marlin is my staple. I always have it. I smoke it more than any other tobacco. I love it. Old Gowrie I have had several times in the past and liked it very much but it has been so long since...
  11. jazz

    Strange and Quirky Pipe Inventions

    I was just looking in a thread when someone mentioned a Medico Magnet Top. Having never heard of one I decided to look it up on the "Google's". A curious idea indeed and got me wondering what other oddities of innovation in the pipe world are there? I would love to see some pics of these...
  12. jazz

    A Smoking Interest Call From My Doctor

    This is a new one on me. I was replying to a post on this forum just a few minutes ago when I get a phone call from an unknown number. I don't usually answer such calls but perhaps because I was preoccupied I answered it this time. The result was what I consider to be a bizarre conversation with...
  13. jazz

    Hello and introduction from a new member

    Greetings all I have been a lurker here for about a year or so now and for whatever reason never bothered to join up. My name is James, am 32 years old from Wales in the UK and have been on the pipe now a little over a year. The idea being that having smoked cigarettes since the age of 14 and...