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  1. puffy

    10 Years Today

    Today is an anniversary of sorts..It marks 10 years that I've been hanging around here..Thanks everyone for making it such a fun place to spend time.
  2. puffy

    SIgning Up

    Signing Up Here has been a total night mare..Nothing I tried worked..It asked for the email that I registered with almost 9 years ago.No way I can remember that.My email has changed at least twice since then..I signed is as new then it told me that my user name..puffy ..was already in use..So...
  3. puffy

    Do You Save Coins?

    I have a jar that I put my quarters and dimes in,Once a year or so I roll them up and deposit then in my bank.Then I have a few bucks to order tobacco with.I'm just curious as to whether or not others do this.
  4. puffy

    2,000 Posts

    It's taken quite a long time but this is post #2,000 here for me.That's far more than I ever expected to get.I hope at least a few of them have been worth reading..Thank all of you for the enjoyment I get being a part of this place.
  5. puffy

    Here Five Years

    I've been a member here for five years now.I sincerely thank all of you for making it so enjoyable for me.
  6. puffy

    Holy Spirits Hospital ?

    I've never heard of it before either..It's in a place called Camp Hill Penn..Honestly I've never heard of that place before either.Anyway this hospital is in the news today because of a new hiring policy they've just announced.They will no longer hire anyone who's urine tests positive for...
  7. puffy

    My Beat Up Old Pipe

    Several years ago a fellow that I knew only online told me a story about a pipemaker friend of his.It seems that if this pipe maker wasn't completely satisfied with a pipe that he made he just gave it to someone.Then he said that he was sending me a pipe.Now this pipe has developed some flaws...
  8. puffy

    Pipe Smoking Orgination

    Orginations such as AARP and NRA seem to have a good bit of influence these days.I've been wondering if those involved in the pipe smoking industry would consider it beneficial to form such an orgination.Maybe there's just too few of us to make such a thing practical.Any way it's just a thought...
  9. puffy

    How Cold Is Cold?

    The average temperature for tomorrow where I live in Carolina is a high of 56 degrees.The projected temperature is 21.The wind will make it feel like 10 degrees.Tomorrow night is expected to be the coldest night here on that date in over 100 years.For folks in the south who very seldom if ever...
  10. puffy

    Cold Canadian Air Coming To Carolina

    Starting tonight it's going to be really cold here in Carolina for 4 days.I wish those nice Canadian folks would keep their cold weather up there where it belongs.There's nothing personal here.I just don't like being cold.
  11. puffy

    Shoulder Replacement Update

    You're probably tired of hearing about this by now..Today was a big day for me though.I went to the doctor today for my 6 week check up.He told me that I'm making great progress.I don't have to use the sling any more,and I can start using the arm some now.I'm still getting therapy 3 times a...
  12. puffy

    Violence On TV

    Is it just me or are there more and more violent shows coming on tv? Not only are they violent they're more graphic.Blood and guts seems to be the in thing these days.Even the news is about war,tragedy,and crime.I know I'm old and from a different time but,I just don't watch all this crap.
  13. puffy


    I just recieved my first order from these folks..When I called them they were very friendly on the phone.They took my information and asked me what I wanted to order.They told me it would be here today (it was) Ordering from them was a pleasure.I won't hesitate to do so again.
  14. puffy

    A Great Wife

    For the past 5 weeks I've had my arm in a sling.I'm under doctors orders not to use it for anything.I can't even drive my car.After all these years of being the man of the house I've had to depend on my wife to do things for me that I've always done for myself.At times even help me put my...
  15. puffy

    Things That Have Been Banned

    Through out the history of our country things have been banned only to be made legal later.We all know what they are so I won't try to list them.The conclusion I come to is sooner or later those in charge realize that these bans just don't work...So I wonder will the same sooner or later be true...
  16. puffy

    Surgery Update

    It was 3 weeks ago today that I had my shoulder replaced.I still have my arm in a sling.I have been told to only move my arm in the manner that they tell me to which is very limited.The therapy guy comes 3 times a week.He tells me that they will very slowly over time increase my range of...
  17. puffy

    Back...At Last

    I've been home from the hospital for a few days now.I've finally got my head cleared from those pain pills.OXY what ever they are.I hate those things.I'm actualy doing a little better than I expected.It's not easy though with my arm in a sling that is strapped to my body.I learned pretty quick...
  18. puffy

    Shoulder Replacement Tuesday

    Today I had go go to the heart doctor to see if this 72 year ticker was strong enough for the surgery.He gave me the ok so tomorrow (Tuesday)I get my shoulder replaced.I'm told that I will be in the hospital 3 days.I don't how soon I will be back here.I have enough faith in the guy upstairs to...
  19. puffy

    Christmas Pie

    I'm kinda known amoung my friends for my pies.When the holidays roll around they don't ask if i'm baking.They ask what kind.Today it's lemon cream.I made two.They won't last long though.Now it's back to my chair with a cup of coffee turn on the tv and light up a bowl..When I was much younger and...
  20. puffy

    Santa Is Too Fat

    The do gooders are at it again.Taking Santa's pipe away isn't enough for these folks.I just read an article which says we need santa to slim down.It's all about presenting a better image to todays sensitive children..Aren't these the same folks whose kids eat pizza,corn dogs,sugary...