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  1. mityahicks

    McClelland Purchase Advice

    Hello all. I entered the Pipe hobby close to when McClelland shut their doors and did not get a chance to try everything I wanted to. I have a few favorites already but would like help on what to prioritize. My favorites have been: 1. Blackwoods Flake 2. Christmas Cheer 3. 2015 4...
  2. mityahicks

    New Thomas Cristiano

    I just picked this up from Blue Room Briars. Lovely and affordable pipe.
  3. mityahicks

    C&D Yorktown Flake

    I've been smoking through a sample of Yorktown and really enjoyed it, but it is making me wish it came in flake from. I guess I'm just partial to flake. Anyone make their own?
  4. mityahicks

    Burley Boogie

    I have a burgeoning love affair with Burley as of late. If y'all could chime in on your Burley favorites as if late I would appreciate it. Tobac Manil has been getting most of my attention lately.
  5. mityahicks

    Tuggle Hall

    Enjoying my first ever bowl of C&D Tuggle Hall and really enjoying it. I'm new to Burley forward blends. I love the toastiness of the Burley and always love English tobaccos. Perfect moisture out of the bag. I got it in bulk and would buy more. Anyone have thoughts on this blend?
  6. mityahicks

    Jarring Blunder

    While jarring my latest TAD haul my careless led to my mixing up Black Irish X and Brown Irish X. I figured I would just leave them together and order again another time. Are these blends that distinct? I'm not up for trying each piece of rope to solve the problem right now, or keeping each...
  7. mityahicks

    Skunk Cigar?

    I just had the second Punch Classico churchhil of a 5 pack bundle and it was really pleasurable start to finish. I was tempted not to smoke the other 4 because the first one was rather terrible and piquant. Is this something that can occur with cigars? I'm a casual cigar smoker, only smoking a...
  8. mityahicks

    What Jars Are You Smoking Down To Open New Tins

    I have so many tobaccos I'm looking forward to popping but making myself smoking down stuff I have no intention of cellaring. CnD autumn evening, BnM Shanondoah, Sutliff Night Cap, Sutliff VA slices, Sutliff Apple and a few others. I like some these well enough, but want to clear some jars to...
  9. mityahicks

    Christmas Cookie

    Last night I fired up Boswell's Christmas Cookie that was sent with a pipe I ordered. Bag not was lovely, effusing vanilla and fig, wife was a fan and let's me smoke some blends on the couch with her. Room note was smooth and vanilla, much like the bag, first third of the bowl smelled great but...
  10. mityahicks

    Richmond VA

    Looking for the Richmond smokers!
  11. mityahicks

    Creeping No More

    Hello all, Greetings from Richmond, VA! I love reading all of your posts and look forward to joining this pipe club. John