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  1. J

    P&C / PayPal

    I have placed 5 orders with P&C since January. All arrived in good shape and on time. When I check my PayPal account it shows all 5 transactions as pending... Any ideas as to what's going on?
  2. J

    Pipe / Cane...

  3. J

    Jarring: Vacuum Pack - Or Not?

    When you jar tobacco do you vacuum pack or not (and why)?
  4. J

    Wonder If This Would Work With Stems?

    "Tired of breaking the old, brittle plastic clips that hold on exterior and interior trim? Worried that the plastic thermostat housing will either leak or crack after being over tightened? Hoping for a way to rejuvenate the yellowed plastic gears, slides and rollers in that window regulator...
  5. J

    The Perfect Outdoor Meerschaum

    Been looking for an outdoor meerschaum - think I have found the solution - It's a KIKO, African meerschaum (denser and less fragile than Turkish meerschaum) with a leather wrapping. Should stand up to a short drop and not be bothered by cold. To top it off it it's the brother to the first pipe...
  6. J

    Any Alpha Collectors Out There?

    Looking for Alpha collector.
  7. J

    Polishing Stem Airway

    I had a pipe that had a good draw but the stem would not reliably pass a pipe cleaner. On close examination it appeared the airway had been drilled from both ends of the stem. Where the two holes met there was not a smooth transition and this was where the pipe cleaner was sticking. I decided...
  8. J

    Nylon/Delrin; Push/Pull; Mortise & Tenon Adapters

    Having smoked meerschaums for a few years these have become my favorite. As long as removed in a clockwise rotation the threads in the meerschaum are well protected. I have had several old bone tenons converted over by Ric. I dissemble my pipes and clean after every smoke. Due to the...
  9. J

    Messing With Meerschaum

    I got a meerschaum pipe with a lot that had been dropped a few times. It was a Bacchus but most of the features are gone. It was completely un-smoked and new so I decided it has volunteered for some testing. I decided since there are so many warnings about alcohol and meerschaum to start...