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  1. DanWil84

    What to Cellar for Improvement?

    Maybe this is beating a dead horse, I really like to search first, but I couldnt find the answer on below question or I didn't searched enough.... In my first year of pipe smoking I tried quite some blends. I have a notion of what I like now (which is no guarantee that I like it in a few years)...
  2. DanWil84

    Santa came early this year....

  3. DanWil84

    When is a estate worth it?

    I on the verge on buying a pipe. I'm considering a estate, but they have the same pipe new for 38 bucks more... Would you still consider the estate against paying 40 bucks more for a new pipe? When do you consider the estate above the new pipe? Shoot.
  4. DanWil84

    Me and Virginia Tobacco

    This might sound very preliminary; i've been trying a tobacco which is full Virginia (mac baren virginia no1.) and I have the strange feeling me and full Virginia tobacco will never ever be friends. I'm smoking this in a meer (also tried a cob, same result), packed like any other tobacco...
  5. DanWil84


    Just ordered this puppy, Neerup Bent Egg.
  6. DanWil84

    Pipe Sizing and Online Vendors

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) Is or a lot off in sizing? And if a pipe maker has a size range like Ashton (X, 2X, 3X, LX) or Dunhill (group 1 till X) how serious should I take this sizing? I do get this is subject to form, a dublin is mostly...
  7. DanWil84

    I'm Such a Noob

    Smoked my only Briar pipe yesterday morning. Thought it wasnt hot anymore, so pulled the stem and cleaned it. Wanted to smoke it again, 0 draw.... Watched the stem, it had a bit offset, put a little pressure and broke the tenon in a gazillion pieces..... So fair warning, let it cool more! And...
  8. DanWil84

    Ikea Jars

    Would these jars work? I still got a bunch of them... What I'm thinking off is the lid closing mechanism when tobacco ages and expands putting pressure on it. Maybe remove the rubber ring to let air escape a bit?
  9. DanWil84

    Lunchbreak Walking Pipe

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) As spring is coming (no, not winter...), also the walks during my lunchbreak are on the horizon again. As a noob (I get 2 cobs in the mail, 5th avenue bends) i'm also looking for a smaller pipe I can smoke on my 30 minute lunchbreak walk. I do...
  10. DanWil84

    Hello from Netherlands

    Hello fellow enjoyers of tobacco, My name is Dan(iel, but prefer Dan) , 36 years according to my user name, born and bred Dutch still living there. After I quit smoking cigs 15 years ago last year I started smoking premium cigars. Had more time and money to burn due to the 21st century plague...