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  1. pipehunter

    Anyone Remember the Bertram's Blends?

    Does anyone remember the house blends (almost certain they were blended in house) from Bertram in Washington, DC? There were a few I thought were excellent. Hoping to prompt my memory and reminisce I browsed TobaccoReviews and couldn't find a single one. It's a shame. Although I admit the...
  2. pipehunter

    New, Old Favorite Latakia Blend - Wellauer Latakia Mixture

    Many years ago I enjoyed a number of Wellauer blends that friends would bring over from Switzerland. Latakia Mixture was my favorite. Recently, I came across a few new tins. Sometimes revisiting an old favorite is disappointing (changes in recipes, components, even my own tastes). This was...
  3. pipehunter

    SPC Potlatch on sale

    Not sure if there are many fans of this blend here. I think it's pretty good. P&C has it on sale $21 / 8 oz tin, which seems like a steal to me. Just a heads up. No affiliation, etc. I wasn't sure which forum to put this in, as it's not the kind of post I usually make. Please move it if...
  4. pipehunter

    Question for Restorationists: Can hot-spot / burnout be repaired?

    An otherwise fine pipe I have and like has started to burn out at a spot about half way up the bowl. I'm hesitant to toss the pipe because it is engineered nicely and is quite handsome. Is there anything to be done? If I sand out any soft wood or char in the spot, is there some sort of putty...
  5. pipehunter

    Dunhill Shell Briar Box

    This is one of the coolest accessories I've seen. I'm not a Dunhill collector, so I wouldn't pay that kind of price for it. But it is very cool. Does anyone have any shell/sandblased boxes or furniture like this? I'd love to find something like this but larger, though probably without the...
  6. pipehunter

    Wilke (post Pipeworks / Carole) -- has anyone tried it?

    The last of the Pipeworks & Wilke blends I ordered a few years ago are running low. I know Carole Burns retired a while ago and now the blends are being made/sold by John Brandt under the Wilke Tobacco marquee. Has anyone tried the new incarnations? They are supposed to be blended from the...
  7. pipehunter

    Pease Blends (esp Odyssey)--how frequently released?

    I know a lot of folks here are Pease fans and much more knowledgeable than myself. Does anyone know approximately how frequently the various Pease blends are released into the market. In particular, I've been looking for some Odyssey and finding it out of stock. Is it an annual thing...
  8. pipehunter

    Upscale Pipe Cabinet - Any recs?

    I'm in the market for pipe cabinet that I can put in my it needs to be upscale and probably modern-ish. This one came up in a few searches. It's not cheap, but it doesn't run in the thousands like some of the custom furniture I've seen. Cabinet Has anyone used one of these? Any...
  9. pipehunter

    German Pipes (Ingo Garbe, Hasso Baudis, Karl Joura)

    Been collecting German pipes of a certain style for quite some time. I guess I'd describe them as classic shapes with a strong Danish influence. Here is most of the collection: The first three columns (left to right) are by Ingo Garbe, who I really dig. The last column contains pipes by...