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  1. karam

    Questions About Synjeco

    These Gawith ropes are handmade with specific machines and dedicated staff that can make an essentially endless string of tobacco. I don't think there's another manufacturer that has them, anywhere. You can see the process in an old 60s or 70s video here. The STG and MacBaren have roller...
  2. karam

    Questions About Synjeco

    They are 1000% legit.
  3. karam

    Aromatics 101

    If you can enjoy Virginia and Latakia and everything in between what are you after with aromatics? I mean, what are you looking for? If you can find them, get some aromatics with yarbles like 1792, Bosun, Coniston, dark flake scented, Ennerdale.
  4. karam

    Dr. Reamlove, or How I learned to not be Afraid of Reaming

    That’s how my pipes look prereaming :) I usually ream while flushing the chamber at the same time, down to wood. Find that there is resistant cake that needs to be softened before the reamer will catch. First smoke from a freshly reamed, flushed and dried pipe is caviar. edit: love the thread’s...
  5. karam

    Thumbing The Bowl

    To properly cause a Venturi effect one would have to leave a bit of the chamber uncovered.
  6. karam

    Drawering Tobacco

    Drawering/cabinetting grows to cellaring :) @BROBS the bogie is the thin one ;)
  7. karam

    Hello from Paris!

    Salute from Basel!
  8. karam

    Name Your Nilla

    I don’t smoke aromatics other than Lakelands, but for a very occasional vanilla blast backed by decent tobacco I’d throw a vote with MB vanilla flake.
  9. karam

    What shape of pipe is this?

    Bit of a Frankenstein shape, but oddly not bad (to my eyes).
  10. karam

    Do You Do the Dottle?

    Ah yes, that was it.
  11. karam

    Hello there, from Germany.

    Welcome from Basel!
  12. karam

    Do You Do the Dottle?

    @Morrison Jeremiah decided to do an experiment, for science. Packed a Savinelli 904 with 3 rubbed out and 1 intact coin on top of Samuel Gawith's Cabbie's Mixture (had let them dry for an hour or so which means they retained some moisture). Had exactly two lights, the charring light + tamp, and...
  13. karam

    C&D Folklore

    Know exactly what you mean, my most precious tobacco are two 100g tins of HH Acadian Perique, perhaps the only tobacco to satisfy me 100%, or so I think since i last smoked Acadian Perique 3 years ago. They have 3 years of age on them. Now i am reluctant to open even one of them because a) what...
  14. karam

    RIP Meatloaf 1947-2022.

    RIP, listened to Everything Louder Than Everything Else, well, very loud earlier.
  15. karam

    Cellaring Query - What are You Cellaring Most?

    I cellar anything that has given me consistently good smokes for a whole tin, or 50g, and so should you ;) Talking ratios, easily 60% is Va/VaPer, 25% Lakelands, and the rest is misc, DFK blends, some Latakia.
  16. karam

    Solani Aged Burley Flake

    Good to hear there are people who like Aged Boring Flake. Had a tin in my drawers for two years, opened and found either no taste if it was not bone dry, and mouthful of soil if it was.
  17. karam

    No Love For The RB?

    Could be, my point is that in StJames plug i taste FVPlug+Perique, and it’s great, with RB i taste Virginia with some anise, clove, ginger, or even closer: Chinese five spice :)
  18. karam

    No Love For The RB?

    That’s an interesting suggestion, but i reckon we can’t have confirmation. If that’s the case then I’d wonder whether the topping actually brings FVPlug’s taste DOWN, instead of adding to it like Perique does in StJames Plug. RB tastes brighter to me than FVPlug, despite visually being darker.
  19. karam

    No Love For The RB?

    @Ahi Ka rates it! I have a plug and smoked a few bowls of it. It’s more mild than I’d have expected, Virginia forward with, yes, ideas of Christmas spice, but quite mild. It’s good but I prefer stronger stuff.
  20. karam

    Dark Virginia: Process or Actual Leaf?

    Really? I never did, thankfully, really love GH Curly Cut Deluxe, about to order more of it come next payday. The ropes I struggle with nowadays.