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  1. jamesrsmithjr

    You Might Have P.A.D if....

    You have as many pipes in the to be sold pile as are in your current rotation (I am close...) You realize you only have the blast finishes of a specific makers 2014 Christmas pipe and are bummed you can't find any other finishes (Tinskey 2014 Christmas, anyone have one for sale please pm me :) )...
  2. jamesrsmithjr

    MM Reverse Calabash: Two Years Later

    Love mine.. $150, humm, I do have 2 unsmoked...
  3. jamesrsmithjr

    Dunhill Advice?

    I am still looking for a birth year Ring Grain Shell .. Until then these are nicely blasted. 1957 Shell 1956/57 Tanshell
  4. jamesrsmithjr

    Why You Don't Get Into A Bidding War - Episode 36,859

    :crazy: Sorry to all that love this, but to me, it ain't worth the $50/8oz price point...
  5. jamesrsmithjr

    Some Ferndown Love.

    What a wonderful collection, thank you for sharing. Those dogs are beautiful, especially the black one (droollll).
  6. jamesrsmithjr

    Trouble With P&C Site (02/18/2017)

    @Snowhill :"the shop found a bug" Don't EVER say bug in a tobacco forum. I sure wish I took a pic of the umm, infested Rectangular I once unwrapped. Looked like a flute that had a few extra holes :) BTW, Still have an order from IPSD, processing... They are good peeps and will do whatever to...
  7. jamesrsmithjr

    First time using softy rubber bites

    I like to clench and some of my pipes just can't be (the button side is curved too much side to side). On those I use the softy bits.. Are they a tad clunky, yes. Have I gotten used to that, somewhat... Can I now clench all my pipes, yes... TETO...
  8. jamesrsmithjr

    Got pulled over tonight.

    @Rx2Man ; "By law, police officers must observe a legitimate traffic violation in order to stop an automobile."" I thought the same until; HEIEN v. NORTH CAROLINA . Basically, IF the officer thought that what he/she saw was a violation, the stop is ok.
  9. jamesrsmithjr

    I Hate eBay Today

    "Oh, don't worry, Mr. Stud. Some of your offerings led to this post." Opps, sorry if I sniped you, I have sniped two Pipestud Auctions in the last week or so.. Very pleased, Thanks Mr Stud..
  10. jamesrsmithjr

    WTB - Pipe Racks for 40 (10/01/16)
  11. jamesrsmithjr

    Traveling with flake tobacco

    Used tins. Some has to be cut/folded to fit. NM#400; half a flake fits most of my pipes, so in half they get cut and tinned..
  12. jamesrsmithjr

    Real Names Instead of Screen Names

    Umm, that is my real name (really, Dad said he had to put up with it, so why not I).. Welcome back, even if your name is not Cotter (Kotter?)
  13. jamesrsmithjr

    Why Savinelli?

    I am with chasing here, no filter no adaptor. Love the open draw. Savs are inexpensive, great smokers. I wish they would have been suggested to me when I started.
  14. jamesrsmithjr

    PAD Conundrum -- No Answer Here

    "and need no pipes." SLOWLY, back away from the keyboard, take a deep breath and come back to reality... Cut the grass then order the pipe, all will then be right with the earth... Did I really NEED my third Pete System 303?
  15. jamesrsmithjr

    Sandblast or Rustication?

    I love a good sandblast, but these two Petes of mine are just knarly ]null
  16. jamesrsmithjr

    Dunhill sale - 45% off 10 tins

    No Flake or DNR... Waaaaaa :) Good deal if you smoke these blends.
  17. jamesrsmithjr

    Russ O.'s Monthly Blends Discontinued

    "Now that is some good customer service." You expected anything different? :)
  18. jamesrsmithjr

    Pure Virginia With Light Topping?

    What is Mac Baren Classic Virginia Flake topped/cased with? Sweet and mild.
  19. jamesrsmithjr

    Favorite Cob And Why

    Great Dane Spool. Large bowl and it fits the hand well.
  20. jamesrsmithjr

    Tobaccolypse Survival Guide

    @MSO489; "pipe smoking as a social activity, certainly moreso than cigarettes" You are wise beyond your years young man.... EPA ETS 93 has a line about pipe smokers living longer then non smokers, you may be onto something.