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  1. J

    IM Corona Old Boy or Kiribi

    love my Old Boy. Don't have a Kiribi to compare it to.
  2. J

    Top Shelf VA Flakes?

    I also have very limited experience, but my favorite so far is Capstan Blue.
  3. J

    Will I Hate The Tobaccos I Bought - Latakia Is In Them

    What Sandollars said. Put them away for some time, and revisit. I had picked up a a couple ozs of Shepard's Pie from The Country Squire (an English blend). Smoked a few bowls of if. IT was horrible! Tasted like dirty socks. Put it in the back of the shelf for about a year. Based on an...
  4. J

    Not Real Comfy But Here I Am CO Springs

    I love Stag. Wish there was something even remotely like it close to me, but there is not. I make it to Colorado Springs about once a year and make it a point to stop at Stag for a bit. @cosgringo - Welcome from Idaho!
  5. J

    Disgruntled, Frustrated, and Miffed.

    Although I am sure that the power that be would disagree with this, but I believe it is as much about taxation as anything. Pot is legal in WA in part so that the state can tax the sale of pot. There are restrictions on the shipment of alcohol and tobacco because they are subject to...
  6. J

    Wife Willing To Find My Pipes A New Home.

    I'd agree with BROBS -- no need to pay extra for a humidor quality cabinet. A general purpose armoire, curio or china cabinet would be less expensive and work fine. May need to buy some pipe stands to put in it. Good luck!
  7. J

    Disgruntled, Frustrated, and Miffed.

    I'm not so sure about that. I doubt that the shipping companies are going to bother looking that closely. Further, I do not think the Postal Service, as a quasi federal agency, is bound by state shipping laws.
  8. J

    Disgruntled, Frustrated, and Miffed.

    As to the constitution, it, and the Bill of Rights, was designed to limit Federal powers. Not necessarily State powers. State's have long held such powers, some just use them more extensively than others. But yes, the Nanny State seems to be expanding and spreading
  9. J

    Disgruntled, Frustrated, and Miffed.

    I have clients that travel around the country. They use a third-party "mail box" as and address (UPS Store/Mail Box Etc. ......) . Once a week (or whatever reshipping arrangement is made) the store gathers all of their mail and ships it to whatever current address they have on record. Road...
  10. J

    I Want This Pipe!

    :ROFLMAO: You are dating yourself with that reference.
  11. J

  12. J

    Bruyere Definition

    Beyond the actual definition, I believe some pipe brands have used it to designate a specific finish or line of pipes within the brand.
  13. J


    For me, I don't seem myself ever buying a new Dunhill. However, I could see myself at some point picking up an estate. So far, I have not ran across and estate Dunhlll that spoke to me enough at a price point I was willing to go to. As stated above, only you can answer that question...
  14. J

    Gawith Hoggart Heavy Hitters and Rope Baccy

    I'm assuming you meant that you would store them separately?
  15. J

    Gawith Hoggart Heavy Hitters and Rope Baccy

    So I picked up a few 1oz samples of the Brown Rope. Question: how do you store this? small jar? Any issue with combining the Brown Bogie and the Brown Rum in the same jar, or do they need to be separate? Smell wise, I do not smell the topping on the rum.
  16. J

    Barling's Make Dating Help

    Interesting. I have a general question that I have not been able to find an answer to - What does TVF stand for or mean?
  17. J

    Barling's Make Dating Help

    Assuming original stem, based on what I have seen, retail would be $300-$400.
  18. J

    Barling's Make Dating Help

    It is pre-transition, but that is all I got for you. Nice looking pipe! I am a smooth pipe guy, but there is something about yours that draws me in.
  19. J

    What Will You Smoke on Christmas Day?

    most likely, nothing. It will be too cold to smoke on the back porch and the pipe lounge is closed.