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  1. puffy

    Son Is 55 Today

  2. puffy

    Any Regions in the USA that Could Grow Briar Trees?

    It takes many years to grow..If you planted it now by the time it is ready to use the're might not be much of a market for it.
  3. puffy

    Hello All

  4. puffy

    Hello from Dallas!

  5. puffy

    Homebound Super Bowl

    I'm expecting KC to win..I don't really care who does though.
  6. puffy

    Broken Pipe, Baldo Baldi

    Very Sad News
  7. puffy

    Oldest and Youngest Forum Member

    I'm 78..Started pipes when I was 29
  8. puffy

    Hello, All!

  9. puffy

    Greetings from the Peak District, UK.

    Welcome Aboard
  10. puffy

    Hi from Bonita California!

    Welcome Aboard
  11. puffy

    Hello from London

  12. puffy

    A New Member Approaches

    Welcome Aboard
  13. puffy

    New Here

    Welcome Aboard
  14. puffy

    10 Years Today

    Today is an anniversary of sorts..It marks 10 years that I've been hanging around here..Thanks everyone for making it such a fun place to spend time.
  15. puffy

    Wanting Advice, Recommendations on Pre-Owned Pipes

    Over the years I've bought 2 pipes from eBay..One was like new..The other wasn't what it was cracked up to be..My advice would be to buy from some one you know you can trust.
  16. puffy


    Welcome Back
  17. puffy

    Tell Me About Your Grandfather

    My grand father was a farmer here in N.Carolina..He was the the first person that I remember seeing smoke a pipe..I spent many days as a kid fishing with him.He smoked his pipe as we fished.He was born in 1880 He used to tell me stories of what life was like before electricity and cars..I still...
  18. puffy

    Stone Carvings

    Great Pictures
  19. puffy

    Recovering from Covid- Smoking?

    Wishing you all the best.