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  1. stogie37

    We Three Kings - 3 Meerschaum Pipes and a Tin Christmas Set $150 (11/29/2021)

    For your consideration: A three pipe set plus a sealed tin of C&D's "We Three Kings" - $150 for all, shipping included. These three medium/large figural meerschaum pipes are from my personal collection. Only one pipe has been smoked, (infrequently) and only with Presbyterian Mixture. The other...
  2. stogie37

    Aged & Rare Christmas Offerings: SG, Dunhill, McCranie's, Drew Estate & More (11/29/21)

    Shopping for that special someone? (I'm talking about YOU!) Maybe you'll see something you like? Go ahead, you deserve it! US Sales only, USPS Shipping $9 per order (one tin or all) Funds by PP-FF or Zelle (preferred), or you cover fees. Additional insurance at your expense/request. All tins...
  3. stogie37

    FS: Cellar Sweller - 2.5lbs Assorted Tobacs Shipped $95! (7/23/21)

    Clearing out to make some room for new acquisitions: C&D Virginia Flake bulk (2/3rds lb +/-, quite dry) C&D Bright VA Flake (2/3rds lb +/-, quite dry) H&H Namaste' 2014 (7+oz, jarred, excellent condition) Tabac De La Semois La Brumeuse (3+oz, jarred, excellent condition) C&D Big & Burley...
  4. stogie37

    Proselytizing Pipes!

    Technically, in my line of work, proselytizing IS what I do. Normally it concerns something of a more eternal nature. Tomorrow, however, two of my colleagues are coming over to my house in the afternoon to learn the fine art of pipe smoking! Somewhere along the way , they picked up that I begin...
  5. stogie37

    Finally home to check out Contest Grand Prize pipe!

    After a week & weekend away serving, I arrived home to find a nice box from South Carolina waiting for me! Inside was the Grand Prize from the May cartoon caption contest; a tiny, well proportioned 6-sided panel pipe from the hands of Sebastien Beo via via PipesMagazine...
  6. stogie37

    NYPC Hell's Kitchen - Hells Bells!

    Only one (huge) bowl of this blend smoked so far, but... wow! really impressed. Incredible flavor, a definite sweet note and great burning characteristics. I received a nice size sample of this from Bobby G. at Pipes & Cigars while at the Chicago show. Sometimes dark fired Kentucky brings an...
  7. stogie37

    Chicago 2012 video compilation by P & C

    The guys over at pipes and cigars put together a classy video compilation. You can view it here if my video embedding skills, (or lack of) result in a fail!
  8. stogie37

    2012 Chicago show report (Long!) (Really Long!) (A novel)

    After a 5 year hiatus, I returned to Chicago with a great friend (and yearling pipe convert) to see what has transpired in my absence. With the exception of the smoking ban, and it’s solution; in the form of the giant white tent (more on that later), not much! Friday morning I picked up Steve...
  9. stogie37

    100th post & "Member" status achieved in Chicago!

    A bit self absorbed for sure - still, I find it amusing that I've hit this little mile-marker while at the "BIG" show. Lot's of fun and great group to learn from and share wisdom with. Thanks to all those I've had an opportunity to interact with thus far. I'm looking forward to more! - J.P.
  10. stogie37

    G.L. Pease Kensington - 9 years later

    Greg Pease formulated a mid-weight Balkan blend in late 2002 into early 2003. When it was just right, he packaged some in 2oz. tins and some in 8oz. foil bags, and named it Kensington. He released it in March of 2003. Shortly after that time, a person purchased one of these March 2003 8oz...