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    FS: Dunhill 840 ODA (1.24.22)

    This one stings. Have to thin out the heard and for me, this pipe was too pretty to smoke, so this is an unsmoked pipe up for sale. There’s a hint of chatter on the stem, but otherwise this is a new pipe. She feels amazing in the hand. Hard to let this one go. $549 takes her w/ fast and free...
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    WTT4 Carolina Red Flake 2021 small batch. (10.31.21)

    Howdy. I missed out on the run of 2021 Carolina Red Flake. 2021 Small Batch. sitting on 100g tins of Frog Morton and Frog Morton Cellar if interested in a swap. I have other esoterica’s too. Margate and so to bed. Pembrook. The esoterica’s are jarred.
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    WTT 4 Capstan Blue Flake w/ age (8.14.21)

    Howdy, I’m looking for a couple tins of Capstan Blue Flake w/ at least 3 years on them Sitting on many jars of different Esotericas and other blends too w/ a couple years on them. pm if interested in a trade Thanks!
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    WTT McConnels Scottish Mixture, w/ Age (8.4.21)

    Looking for some w/ at least 3 years in the tin. Sitting on loads of different blends. PM if you’re looking to make a swap. Thanks!
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    Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bulls Eye Flake

    I jarred a bunch of this 2 years ago. At first wasn’t all that impressed but just had a bowl. Oh my. Super plummy, sweet, with a pleasant peppery tingle from the perique. Any advice on “ optimal” age?
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    FS - Dunhill 3 Year Matured (7.7.21)

    7 tin lot shipped fast and free for $200. Please PM if interested. Purchased these in March 2019.
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    In Need of Castello Stem Help

    I have a Castello stems that need some help The stem isn’t perfectly flush to the shank. My OCD tells me to get this fixed. There’s a mm gap that I would like fixed. Could someone recommend a repair person that you’ve used in the past? Many thanks, Adam
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    A New Castello Provides ZERO Taste... WTF!

    So I own a few Castello pipes, and they all have been beautiful smokes. I’m newer to the pipe club and not full of wisdom, but felt Castello was to be a superior pipe in term of smoking qualities. So here’s my dilemma. I never smoked Black House before and was told to give it a try. I cracked...
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    Frog Morton Cellar vs Early Morning Pipe

    I find these two blends to be awfully similar. Am I way off on this? Anyone else feel the same? I find FMC to taste best about 1/2 through the bowl. The blend to me is a mellow sweetness that leaves a bitter aftertaste. Dare I say a tad chemical flavor? I found the Peterson’s EMP to have a...
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    How to Taste Your Bacy

    Working on maximizing the flavor from a bowl of bacy. I’m a newer piper and trying different techniques. I find the most flavor when sipping away, but almost minimize the smoke from entering my mouth. Almost as if the smoke just stays on my lips and a small portion of my tongue. How are you...
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    The One that Almost Got Away....

    Do you have a pipe that almost got away, and turned into your favorite smoker? Wondering if you were ever close to returning that pipe from eBay or from your favorite online store, only to hold on last minute. I have one and boy I’m shocked I almost let her go. I wasn’t impressed...
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    The Perfect Pipe is _______. Please Share Your Picture?

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) As a new piper, I’ve quickly come to realize why many pipers haVe a large collection of pipes. In my novice and humble opinion.... It’s the search.... the search for the pipe that feels so right in your hand and between you teeth Or...
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    New Piper, Howdy folks

    Started the piping hobby this year and wonder... What took me so long? I'd enjoy the occasional stogie on the golf course and never considered the pipe. Long story short, after catching a few pipe videos on the utube, I was intrigued. The passion and enjoyment from most all these pipers was...