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  1. teufelhund

    Hello all...

    Just wanted to say hello again. I realize I haven't been on in a few months, but life is settling down. New job and a new laptop so I should be around more often. Looking forward to catching up on all the great posts. Take care and have a good holiday next week.
  2. teufelhund

    Pipe Tobacco of the Month: April.

    Pretty excited with this months offering. Always happy to see OGS and the firestorm looks intriguing; sadly I'm missing my flyer... Would someone be so kind as to fill me in as to what the bulk blend may be? Happy smoking everyone!
  3. teufelhund

    H&H Mid-Town Sweet Cask and Chestnut

    Really excited about these two prospects and they are very well priced. Anyone have any experience with these yet? They are supposed to be discontinued Sugar Barrel and Walnut dopplegangers. I ran out of Walnut a while ago and only have one tub of Sugar Barrel. I wish I could give them a shot...
  4. teufelhund

    A Favorite Holiday Dip

    Thought I'd share a favorite dip that I usually break out November-January... Cranberries are wonderful this time of year. (Don't eat them raw... lol) It sounds a little weird and I was skeptical when I made it the first time, but it just works and it's super easy to take to parties. For even...
  5. teufelhund

    Stonehaven At Iwan Ries

    8oz bags available. Limit 1 per customer hurry up. I snagged one.
  6. teufelhund

    Well Deserved TAD (Sold My Vacation Days)

    My most recent TAD order; I decided to take advatage of a sampler order and got a heck of a deal. About half of this goes into the cellar and the others are to try. Also got a really good deal on the Bright Flake and the Planta in the garage sale section. Throw in a shank brush and I get just...
  7. teufelhund

    Which Buffing Wheel?

    Hello everyone. Up until now I have done all my polishing and buffing by hand but my lovely new wife has surprised me with a new motorized buffer for my workbench for one month of wedded bliss. I've never heard of this practice, but if she wants to buy me gift or just get me into my workshop and...
  8. teufelhund

    It's Finally Over... Thank Goodness.

    For those of you who don't know I took the plunge and got married this past Saturday and as excited as I am to be married to my lovely wife and the few days off from work; I am positively elated that there are no more wedding related activities to be done for the forseeable future. There are...
  9. teufelhund

    That's How They Get You... TAD

    I heard about the P&C promotion for free knife with $75 purchase, but the truth of the matter is why spend 10 bucks on shippin when it can be shipped free when you get spend $25 more on tobacco. So because I was such a hard worker this past month logging OT and as a gift to myself before my...
  10. teufelhund

    Pipa tobacco even worth it?

    Just received my PTOM package and as expected two tins; some bulk and a pouch. It's a good formula that has worked fine for me, but I've never heard of Pipa tobacco and although the trashy redhead pinup pictured on the pouch is alluring it certainly doesn't help in assuring me it is a decent...
  11. teufelhund

    Seems Like Forever...

    It seems like it's been forever since I have been on the forum and I am catching up on all sorts of new things. The content here as always is sublime, but I have been distracted as of late by my pending marriage. She and the wedding seem to monopolize most of my time. I consider myself lucky...
  12. teufelhund

    A Little Help With Semois Storage.

    I like many of you probably was chomping at the bit to get my hands on this stuff after reading about it here and was even more excited to see that thepipeguys would be selling it this year. I pre-ordered and tried it out straight away and absolutely loved it, but I was concerned about it's...
  13. teufelhund

    April Fool's Day 2014

    I'm sure that I'm not the only victim today, but I thought I'd share my woes for forgetting the date this morning. I woke up to find a positive pregnancy test in the bathroom while brushing my teeth. My fiance had a good laugh it my expense; I had a smoke and did my best to shake it off, but...
  14. teufelhund

    What's This Purple?

    Well today I logged on and my name is now purple and I am a preferred member which means I've been here over a year now. I just wanted to thank you all for your thoughts and insights into this wonderful hobby. And to end on a fun note; to paraphrase my grandfather, "I'm not sure I'd like to...
  15. teufelhund

    See Walt's Workbench

    Not sure how many of you know Walt's work, but ever since I found his youtube channel I have enjoyed his videos and he recently posted a video of his workbench that I thought I would share. Hopefully we can up his views enough that he'll get some free soda. Liked the video Walt. Keep them coming...
  16. teufelhund

    Need Help Dating A Tobacco

    I came across this Five Brothers Pipe Tobacco and thought that it looked pretty neat. From what I've heard it's a very hefty smoke so probably not my cup of tea, but I do like the packaging of it in the what feels like a brick wrapped in paper. Anyone manage to help me date it? I know it is at...
  17. teufelhund

    Funny Tobacco Reviews

    A bit bored toward the end of my shift tonight and I was looking around on and noticed their new search criteria and goofing around contemplating driving my fiance' from the house looked up the strongest room note available. I must admit I am amused by peoples opinions on...
  18. teufelhund

    Saw This and Just Had to Share...

    From the set of Monty Python and the Holy Grail: One of the best films of all time.
  19. teufelhund

    Took A Chance On A Starter Kit

    Way back in January when I began smoking a pipe I noticed a Stanwell starter kit on P&C that just managed to stay out of stock (At least to my knowlege) up until today. I was excited to see that something I had wanted so long ago was now available, but I have mangage to accumulate a dozen briars...
  20. teufelhund

    1000 Posts.

    I knew I was close, but I surprised myself today anyhow by recording my 1000th post. I just wanted to say thanks for all the information and comraderie here, and I hope that I have been even half as helpful. Here's to a thousand more and happy smoking!