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  1. boatme99

    NE Maryland/North Delaware?

    Any clubs in the Elkton, Md. or Newark, De. area?
  2. boatme99

    May Nostalgia

    Its May. I always get nostalgic the first week of May. That's when I would cast off the lines at my Florida dock and begin what would be a 2 - 3 week cruise northbound to Maryland where I'd spend 5 or 6 weeks before continuing on to New England for the season. I do miss my boat days.
  3. boatme99

    Another Sunday...

    ...another smok Of my 6 pipes. I think this is my favorite. Moline Pippino
  4. boatme99

    Ordered A Pipe Roll

    A member her had a pic of his Bradley Mountain pipe roll. I found the web site and ordered one: 18 oz. waxed canvass, field tan. I've been looking for something to carry a pipe and tobacco in for a couple of months and this is the best I've found that suits me. Utilitarian, doesn't look like...
  5. boatme99

    SmokingPipes. Yeah!

    I received my order of 2 pipes from SmokingPipes Monday, a day earlier than estimated. This was my second order with the company and I couldn't be more pleased. Great product, great packing and shipping, and excellent customer service. Well done, folks!
  6. boatme99

    A Tale of Two Shippers

    Friday night I ordered 2 pipes from SmokingPipes and then 5 pieces of in clothing from Lands End. SP immediatly processed and shipped my order. They estimated a Tuesday delivery. I received the box on Monday. Way to go, guys! Lands end, not so swift. I heard nothing, other than confirmation...
  7. boatme99

    Peterson & Savinelli Arrived

    Peterson Dracula and a Savinelli Oceano.
  8. boatme99

    First Bowl

    Finally breaking in the new Bariccini. A bowl of Petersons Early morning Blend Zooks! Prodigious draw! Fired right up and keeps going with just a light draw
  9. boatme99

    Moving. Oy!

    I've been planning on moving for a few months and it's down to the wire. I went through renting a POD, U Haul, and when it's all done, I can get a moving company to do the pick up and drop off for only about $150 more than the U Haul would cost. I just have to pack everything which is no big...
  10. boatme99

    A Little More Ice, Please

    109 years ago today
  11. boatme99

    First Of Two Arrived

    The Peterson Killarney and two tobaccos came in from Smoking Pipes. Its too late to light up now, ill inaugurate it tomorrow.
  12. boatme99

    Ordered A New Tablet

    I'm fed up with my POS Lenovo junk pile. I just ordered a Samsung A7 10" tablet. I'll never buy another lenovo product.
  13. boatme99

    2 Incoming

    I just ordered 2 pipes. Baraccini Capriccioso 673 Peterson Killarney Red 150
  14. boatme99

    Out Of Stock

    I finally decided to purchase another pipe. I have about 2 dozen pre picked on a few sites. The problem? EVERY single one is O.O.S. ! Do I have exceptionally good taste, or is everyone just on the same merry go round? :eek:
  15. boatme99

    A First For Me!

    I restarted smoking about 2 months ago, kind of easing into it. Today is the first time that I've smoked a second bowl. I smoked one just before lunch and after lunch I found I was craving another smoke. I think I'm hooked.
  16. boatme99

    Do You Crave Ice?

    Do you like to crunch ice? Get cups of ice just to chew? I found out there's a reason a lot of people like to chew ice. People with low red blood cell counts (anemia) crave ice for some reason. I'm now anemic and I can't get enough ice. Before the anemia, I never even ordered ice in my drinks...
  17. boatme99

    Mmmm, Peanut Butter!

    In a former life I ran the sample room at a mineral mine. One piece of equipment I used constantly was the pulverizer. It grinds the fine sample to an ultra fine dust. The last step before the actual assay. Just like any other job it gets boring. One day I was eating my snack when an idea popped...
  18. boatme99

    Got Facebook?

    :LOL::LOL::LOL: Your **** be out there! As per Market Insider. Today, Saturday, some 533 MILLION facebook accounts have been hacked and info posted online. 32 million in the US, 11 mil. in the UK, and 104 other countries. Info posted includes fb IDs, phone #s, full name, location, birthdate...
  19. boatme99

    [Guns] Let's See What's in the Safe!

    My stock is down but here are few pieces still on hand 1956 S & W Highway Patrolman, 1976 Ruger Security Six, cheap Heritage .22 for the grandkids to shoot. Mid 1990s Colt Government .380. Everything is here down to the hang tag. 3 stainless mags and even extra set of original grip panels...
  20. boatme99

    Dinner Tonight

    Montreal breaded loin chops, roasted tomatoes, and slightly overdone citrus roasted new potatoes