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  1. Pondfisher

    Upset Spouses and You

    So yeah..Cigarbid is a dangerous thing!
  2. Pondfisher

    Don't Look Up... Question for Everyone

    Good movie! I would like to know. While it would be painful, I would like to make sure that I did not yell at the kids to clean their room or give them a hard time about their grades. I would sideline all that crap and focus on what's important.
  3. Pondfisher

    Lighters vs Matches

    Matches for indoor/calm weather and Zippo with pipe insert when in the breeze or vehicle. I prefer matches for both pipes and cigars when i am able but will use whatever is appropriate at the time.
  4. Pondfisher

    Squid Game: Am I Missing Something?

    Its not bad. Nothing really new but it has a few twists you might not see coming.
  5. Pondfisher

    Carolina Red Flake With Perique 2021 Info

    Yup..just nabbed 2 tins from tobaccopipes as well.
  6. Pondfisher

    Tobacco Dryer

    It actually works well. I just bought some Spark Plug and that plug is moist.. A few minutes and it was good to go...
  7. Pondfisher

    Tobacco Dryer

    Received this as a gag gift. Perfect for drying out my moist tobaccy......
  8. Pondfisher

    Why Do You Smoke Pipe?

    It makes me feel pretty. A real answer is, like many have stated, it relaxes me. Cigars do the same for me but the damn it..those suckers are pricey!
  9. Pondfisher

    What Cigar are You Smoking?

    AJ Fernandez Hoyo La Amistad Black All chocolate. Peppery chocolate in the beginning...dark chocolate in the middle...followed by peppery chocolate again towards the end. Did have me swaying in the breeze towards the end. Had to dissolve some sugar in my mouth to counter act the vitamin N...
  10. Pondfisher

    New Savinelli Purchase

    Just visited my local B & M and pulled the trigger on a Bing's Favorite. I'm digging how light and balanced this pipe feels. Cant wait to introduce this pipe to my friend Billy Budd!
  11. Pondfisher

    Muttnchop Piper Update

    Does Adblocker not work anymore? I subscribe to Google Music which recently changed to Youtube music and you also get ad free Youtube know....i pay them now. I'm Mother Google's bee-atch.
  12. Pondfisher

    What are You Listening To? ~ June 2021

    Google recommended this while listening to some Bueno Vista Social Club. Nice Afro Cuban funk.
  13. Pondfisher

    What Cigar are You Smoking?

    Camacho Corojo Gigante Currently smoking this stick....and I'm getting my butt kicked. Getting some good cigar flavor but the first inch was damn peppery!
  14. Pondfisher

    Covid - Got me

    The insignificant minority...
  15. Pondfisher

    Covid - Got me

    Good luck! Me and my family were careful since this crap hit the states and then we all got it about 2 months ago. Luckily all we experienced was flu like symptoms. The hardest part for me was the lethargy and losing my GD sense of smell. I could stick my nose in a Yankee Candle and I could...
  16. Pondfisher

    ***What Are You Smoking, May 2021?***

    A little Windjammer in my Kaywoodie. Looking forward to the weekend even though the Michigan weather has soured.
  17. Pondfisher

    Anybody Else on Instagram?

    @mi_pondfisher Post mainly pipe/tobacco and fishing stuff I def like how you can avoid all that facebook/twitter drama...need less of that and more peace and civility!
  18. Pondfisher

    How To Retrohale Without Retrohaling

    I have always had some trouble with this. If I simply pull the smoke into my mouth and then attempt to blow out my nose, the smoke does not go along for the ride. Ive tried pushing the smoke with my tongue but cant get the smoke to flow through my.............velopharyngeal sphincter. A...
  19. Pondfisher

    What Cigar are You Smoking?

    AJ Fernandez Hoyo La Amistad Gold Asked my local B and M for a medium/full cigar and this was one of the ones they recommended. Wonderful stick. Stronger than what Im used to. Smoked the thing to the nub!