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  1. warren

    Ankle Holster Recommendations

    Why? I've been carrying since I was a rookie back in '66 and found that in certain circumstances an ankle carry is perfect. I usually wear boots so, it's not often an option. But, if you know and practice a "falling" draw it's fast and offers only a moving target. Also, if speed is of the...
  2. warren

    Room Note and tobacco blends

    Maaaybee. Possibly. Depends on a lot of things. But, why worry about room note? It's the taste that's important. Well, unless you're trolling for compliments from your roommate.
  3. warren

    Lack of Mastro De Paja In Major Stores

    My guess is, insufficient demand for the product. Could one or two of many other reasons though.
  4. warren

    Ankle Holster Recommendations

    Ankle holsters are a favorite with off duty cops in certain areas of the US. Many Feds like them also. I wear boots so, I found them unusable. Excellent hidden carry though and, with a bit of practice, easily and rapidly accessible. Something in a supple leather with a bit of padding on the...
  5. warren

    Just opened pre 1987 Carter Hall

    Now try some that is fresher and tell us which is better or, indeed, if there is any noticeable difference.
  6. warren

    Paring down...

    Meerschaums are fairly hardy. I would not smoke "ornate" (those carved with fragile appendages, wings, horns and such,) meers outside other than on my deck. But, the threat to damage isn't really higher outside than in when considering hard surfaces inside or out. The trick is to keep control...
  7. warren

    Tongue and Tasting

    You could train your palate, smoke different leaf so to learn the differences. Keeping the palate clean would be beneficial also. There's a learning curve I'm sure. Me? I simply enjoy the pipe and revel in the nicotine. Different blends are entertaining but, a serious taster I'm not.
  8. warren

    We Lost A Giant

    ? I know she keeps threatening to leave but, dead?
  9. warren

    Legoland New York: Any Experiences?

    My only suggestion would be to wear your slippers. Those damned bricks are hard on bare feet.
  10. warren

    26 State-Level Tobacco Legislative Bills to Watch

    I'm betting the bill's authors could. You're a constituent, ask them and inform us as to the reasons.
  11. warren

    The Dilemma of Classic Pipe Brands

    Many pipe smokers, I'd suggest well over half, are fans of the tried and proven shapes. Judging from the lack of enthusiasm for anything innovative by many members, Peterson will be putting out "tried and true" shapes for generations to come. But, that has everything to do with money and the...
  12. warren

    Organic Tobacco

    I believe all tobacco is organic in the strictest definition of the word. If your are using organic in the sense of fertilizer and other additive free, no.
  13. warren

    Favorite Ridiculous Movie Scene

    The worst, absolutely worst of the ridiculous scenes was the overlong firetruck ladder tossing people around bit in "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World". Other than that, many great ridiculous scenes which generated lotsa laughs.
  14. warren


    A mix of eight, all of which smoke acceptably.
  15. warren

    Favorite Ridiculous Movie Scene

    Original Pink Panther movies are my favorite ridiculous movies. The vehicle chase scene in the middle of town, at night, provided a bunch of laughs.
  16. warren

    Favorite Days On The Calendar

    I smoke my pipes as I wish. My life doesn't revolve around pipes nor tobacco. Well, it does require a certain amount of hourly nicotine.
  17. warren

    Favorite Days On The Calendar

    You do nap on days other than National Napping Day though, right?
  18. warren

    How Often do You use Your Favorite Pipe(s)?

    I only purchase pipes i've inspected so, in the last 40 years I've only rarely purchased a pipe which ended up being less than stellar. Further, why possibly incur the enmity of someone by passing on a tool which doesn't perform well. I see no upside from my perspective. Then, toss in...
  19. warren

    Are We Alone?

    We have open minds here. Totally closed, shuttered, inaccessible minds and, thankfully, more than one or two slightly warped. God bless the slightly warped! bdw :sher: They oft times, accidently, bring reason to the discussion.
  20. warren

    CV at home test supplied by USA

    He posted great info with a helpful link. Unfortunately, some must succumb to the urge to politicize the info. I was adding more but, in reality, I was trying to get the train . . . well, 'nuff said. I guess I'm an enabler at heart.