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  1. hobie1dog

    Third Times the Charm.

    Joined many years ago, got to 7K posts, quit, came back and 3 posts later called it quits again. So I will try to maintain some control this time. Looks like a lot of my buddies are no longer here, par for the course. I still have on my Bucket List to someday meet Kevin, hopefully on my next...
  2. hobie1dog


    Post #6666 Been here for a few years now, had some fun, got burned out, came back after a 6 month layoff, have some enemies, ran more than one member off. 8O Overall a great source of information. Thanks Kevin, and the Moderators for putting up with me. I'm going to slow down now till I get...
  3. hobie1dog

    2 Seater Leather Pipe Couch

    Got this Castleford leather pipe couch for 2 pipes from Iwan Reis this week, and it is one of the best accessories I've bought so far. My Peterson Kinsale is totally round on the bottom and this thing cradles it nicely so that I can sit the Peterson on it without it rolling around on the table...
  4. hobie1dog

    Any of our members from Brazil?

    If there are any, I am trying to return a phone call I got from a guy down there last year, and cannot get the call to go thread. PM me if you would and I can fill you in on the phone number involved.
  5. hobie1dog

    List the 3 Things You Would Like to Have

    OFF TOPIC: List the 3 things you would really like to have in life. Can be, wealth, a person, a new pipe, etc. No particular order as far as that goes even though the first one listed might get you the other two on your list.
  6. hobie1dog

    John Rolfe-Peach Brandy tobacco

    Has any of the Old Timers smoked this popular blend back in the 70's? A great friend stopped by on Saturday and saw my pipes, and told me he smoked only this blend when he smoked a pipe years ago. I researched and found out that Lane Limited makes a copy of it.
  7. hobie1dog

    Fire ants-Beware and take them seriously

    I never paid any attention to them until Saturday. I was at my son's new house and was inserting a rock wedge in front of his mailbox post to straighten it out, when a bunch of Fire Ants got on my ankles and legs, man they sure move quickly. They got me in about 6 or 7 places. 1/2 hour later...
  8. hobie1dog

    My Scary MRI Brain Scan

    The wife convinced me to finally get a MRI full brain scan to see what the source of my obsession is:
  9. hobie1dog


    Post #5555, someone get me a life. 8O And it's only been three months since I was at 4444, but it's been real fun on here, and is always a welcome place to escape the Insanity of this Psycho World. Thanks for putting up with me ( Mods especially ), thanks again to our distinguished Leader (...
  10. hobie1dog

    I am Now a Grandfather

    My son Nick had their first baby last night...a whopping 9lb, 5 oz boy. I am officially OLD 8O Nick with his son Me with Grandson Already chewing his fingernails off worrying about what kind of world he's gotten himself in to. 8O
  11. hobie1dog

    Howard Restore-A-Finish products

    For all of you who are buying used pipe racks, if you are not familiar with Howard Restore-A-Finish products, go to their website and watch the video at the bottom. This is a wipe on product that hides lots of scratches and puts a nice new finish on the wood. I found out about it on one of the...
  12. hobie1dog

    Ohin3 makes 2K posts

    Phil: Congrats on sticking around for 2K enjoyable posts. You are one of my favorites, usually responding with empathy/understanding/maintaining self esteem of others. Great music lover, fantastic photographic artist, and one of Canada's most admired pipe smokers (well not everyone will agree)...
  13. hobie1dog

    Great Photos

    My previous thread vanished that was in the General Discussion section, so I'm starting over. Feel free to add any cool photos you might have in your library.
  14. hobie1dog

    Official Hawkbill Pipe Thread

    I love the shape of the Hawkbill design, but do not own one, however it will likely be my next purchase. I will try to find the largest model out there when I do buy one. Post up pics of your Hawkbills here.
  15. hobie1dog

    Cajunguy restores my Grandfathers pipes

    After seeing the picture by Uberam3ica of the pipe Cajunguy restored for him, I decided he was the right person to send my cherished pipes I inherited to. My older brother had them in his basement for the last 50 years and I found out about them by casually telling him I'd been trying to track...
  16. hobie1dog

    Olfactory Orgasm w/ a bag of Penzance

    I opened a new bag of Penzance tonight and took a quick sniff of the inside of the bag, then decided to savor the aroma of the inside of a fresh bag. It was like sniffing a rich, luxurious herb reserved only for Kings. A 8oz bag fills up the glass container I use for storage ( found it at...
  17. hobie1dog


    Post # 4444. I really need to get out more and be productive, but this is just too cool of a place to spend my time. Plenty of drama, good folks to hang out with. :puffy: But I'll never catch up with Lawrence and Uncle Arthur :crying:
  18. hobie1dog

    Garage Attic Exhaust Fan Installation

    Instead of freezing my ass off with the garage door open, I decided to install an exhaust fan in the attic, so I mounted the 12x12 ceiling exhaust grille in the garage ceiling, centrally located. It is a Greenheck CSP-700 which is a 700 CFM rated fan and I'm installing an in-line speed...
  19. hobie1dog

    Largest bowl Churchwarden

    What are some of the larger bowl Churchwarden pipes out there? Most of them seem to have small bowls on them similar to a typical Peterson bowl. One of these days, I'll get a long pipe, but I'd like to see what's available in a long smoke version.
  20. hobie1dog

    1 month layoff 4 Insurance blood test

    I'm going to take off a month as I'm going to have to be subjected to a pesky blood test as part of the usual pre screening for Life Insuarance. The insurance industry has brainwashed the Sheeple into accepting that it is the most socially accepted form of gambling. We are gambling that we...