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  1. lucky695

    A New Shop Chair

    I have a woodshop in my garage. I like to plan stuff, draw ideas, patterns etc. whilst I enjoy my pipes. I have an old stool that swivels but after a while it gets uncomfortable. I know some of you all have some really cool shop stools/chairs maybe a recliner or two. I need some ideas for a...
  2. lucky695

    McClellands, Dunhill, Peterson (Sort OF) Who's Next

    So we are down a few big names. McClellands and Dunhill and it looks like Peterson with the sale will not ship to the US anytime soon if at all. So what's the live odds on the next big name to start stocking up and cellaring NOW?
  3. lucky695

    Christmas Cheer 2002

    I stopped by my local B&M the other day, and was talking about the impending tobacco laws and McClelland came up, and I said I had never tried any of the Christmas Cheer. I knew it was a Virginia and all, but never really went after it. He said he has boxes of the stuff in storage and he gave me...
  4. lucky695

    1947 Edgeworth Ready Rubbed Ad

    Found this today at the Antique store. I think I will have it framed.[/url][/img]
  5. lucky695

    My Wife Made Me This.

    My wife has been out of work for a couple months and she feels bad about it. I told her it was crappy job anyway and take her time. Well she has been trying and there's slim pickins. I came home today from work and she had made me this. She said she felt bad that she couldnt buy me anything...I...
  6. lucky695

    Moonshine Pipe Came Today

    [/url][/img] New Moonshine Pipe by Jonathan Lavezzo came today.Enjoyed some HH Vintage Syrian in it already.. nice job Jonathan Lavezzo. The bit, band and stem are amazing. Good weight, no problem with the clentch...smokes great, nice open draught.
  7. lucky695

    Was I Duped?

    Bought some tampers from an online vendor. I talking with him, and agreeing on the tampers, he asked if I would send it PayPal but use Family and friends option. I have done this a few times for other vendors with no issue. He sent me a picture of the tracking number with my zip code and it...
  8. lucky695

    Antique Store Find, Never Heard Of It.

    Found this stuff at a local antique store. AAny know anything about this stuff?[/url][/img]
  9. lucky695

    What's The Next Extinct Or Impossible Blend To FInd?

    I get the emails from Esoterica, but even if I set an alert and IMMEDIATELY go to whichever website emailed, Panzance or Stonehaven is already sold out... EVERY DAMN TIME. Not worth my trouble anymore really. So my question is, given the current tobacco climate, what is the blend we should be...
  10. lucky695

    PAD..From A Fellow Forum Member

    Crazyhog had to unload his collection. I had no idea that I was getting something this nice. A special thanks to Al. He took meticulous care of these pipes and it shows. Merry Christmas to me... so says my wife... This one is a Ser Jacopo Modica Rustic 8 panel ½ bent This one is a IL...
  11. lucky695

    Funny Names

    I work at a nuclear power plant and we are currently in a refueling outage. Once every 18 months we do this to refuel the reactor. Well during this time we usually bring in about 1000+ contract workers. They think it's funny to get on the paging system and page fictitious people. I heard a...
  12. lucky695

    Happy Veterans Day

    To all the current and former military veterans and families: I want to express my sincere gratitude for the sacrifices and the service you have selflessly given to this country. It is becasue of men and women like you that I am free and continue to be so. I know there are a lot of military...
  13. lucky695


    Another post by a spammer got me to thinking about my ashtrays and pipe rests. Thought I would share. the First picture is an old broken current to pressure transducer that came from my work. The second is when the cover is removed it becomes a huge ashtray... I have smaller ones also, but...
  14. lucky695

    new Peterson...gurgle

    I just got a new Peterson in the mail. Christmas 2014 Rusticated Fishtail. It is a beautiful pipe. I have not bought a new one before. I loaded it up with some SPC Plum Pudding yesterday morning and it was good, until about halfway through it started to gurgle. I have had bent pipes gurgle...
  15. lucky695

    Hobby or not?

    I saw some comments in another thread, about whether or not pipe smoking is a hobby or not. This is a confusing dialogue to me. It is what it is. Here is my question. If I want to have a nice $60 bottle of Penfolds Cab from my cellar for dinner one night, but then go out an get rowdy with the...
  16. lucky695

    Serious TAD recieved today

    Had a P&C shipment arrive today. I got a whole bunch of new stuff that I haven't tried yet. The stuff I have yet to try for the order: H&H Blends Sunjammer 10 to Midnight Ambassador's Blend Larry's Blend Capitol Stairs Daybreak White Knight Carmel Apple Berry...
  17. lucky695

    New Car Shopping

    I am shopping for a fuel efficient car and I am in a bit of a conundrum. I am looking at TDi vehicles but in doing so can't get over that diesel fuel is more expensive. See if you follow me here... On average Diesel fule costs about ~20% more than gas. So if I were to buy a TDi that...
  18. lucky695

    Stokkebye Luxury Bullseye Vs. Escudo

    Seeing as how you can not buy Escudo in bulk (brought up in another thread)... Can anyone tell my how the Stokkeby Luxury Bullseye compares to it?
  19. lucky695

    Sleep inducing smokes

    what are some good smokes for right before bed. I started working nights and want to enjoy the autumn morning before I have to sleep away these gorgeous days we are having... any suggestions?
  20. lucky695

    Another Chunk Out of My Freedom

    I recieved this email yesterday...yes on April Fool's day...but it was NO JOKE. Unlike Latbomber's post...which after this email i nibbled on a little. As (my company name) works toward a tobacco-free workplace changes for 2014 have been implemented. Smoking is now prohibited in all (my...