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    Favorite HU Tobacco Blends?

    A blend I don’t see mentioned often is My Special One. It’s a VaPer with some dark fired and a trace amount of Latakia. I smoked it out of an open tin for about a month. It went from being a decent if unremarkable smoke to being something truly special. Nyala is another worth trying if you like...
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    Is There Any Hope For D&R Picayune?

    I never tried the pipe tobacco but remember Picayune cigarettes that were sold in the 1980s. Did D&R buy the name, formula, etc.? If so, from whom?
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    R.I.P. Storytellers Pipe

    I don’t believe that federal law requires out of state sellers to collect sales taxes. It merely allows states to force the sellers to collect the tax.
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    Meerschaum Pipe Prices

    I believe the Turks banned the export of raw meerschaum decades ago.
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    HH Acadian Perique

    Has HH Acadian Perique In fact been discontinued? I thought I read that elsewhere on the forum.
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    One I Found But Didn't Buy

    Indeed. The pipes carved in Vienna were true works of art. The tobacconist I bought my first pipes from had a wonderful collection of old meerschaums and he always lamented the quality of pipes that came out of Turkey.
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    What Is The Estate Pipe History?

    The first place I saw a number of estate pipes For sale was at a place in New York on 42nd Street near Grand Central This was in the mid 1980s. I can’t recall the name but perhaps someone else knows the store.
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    Bjarne Pipe

    I am no expert but it is similar to other Bjarnes I bought in the 1980s. All smoke very well.
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    Trouble With The Police And Your Pipe

    Where I grew up, there wasn’t much difference between the cops and the criminals. Certainly there are some wonderful, dedicated cops, and the truly bad ones may be a minority. The problem, in my experience, is that the cops who are not themselves bad actors, know that they will only suffer if...
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    My Estervals Order Was Sent By USPS To Customs And Has been Shipped Back To Germany

    I have made something like ten orders from Estervals without any problem other than a typical one month delivery time. I started ordering to try the HU blends I read so much about and continued to order my HU favorites along with a few Dan Tobacco blends that are unavailable here. I’ve bought a...
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    My Estervals Order Was Sent By USPS To Customs And Has been Shipped Back To Germany

    I can’t speak to the “Insufficient Address” issue but this sounds more like a USPS problem. I‘ve had several packages and certified letters that I have tracked from one city to another and back again only to disappear entirely in some cases.
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    Is GLP Fillmore A Gateway To Va/Pers?

    For a two-ingredient mixture, there is a whole world of different VaPers out there. Try them all. Fillmore is great. I don’t really taste the latakia that is supposedly there but I do sense something more than just virginia and perique.
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    Pepper-Bombs and Ultra Strongs - Recommendations?

    Tatuaje Fausto is a powerhouse and ages very well.
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    Bye Bye Nat Sherman

    That’s a shame. I haven’t been to Nat Sherman in at least five years but I am still enjoying their 127, a VaPer that is, or was, only available at the store.
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    Director's Cut And Nothing But

    I find that Director’s Cut improves with age. Still, I prefer Edward G, which I find similar to Director’s Cut but more flavorful. You might want to try Edward G or just stick to what you know you like.
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    Others Experiencing Long Delivery Times From Europe?

    I made an Estervals order that shipped July 2. It is supposedly out for delivery to me today in the Southern US. All of my previous Estervals orders - all before the virus - have taken at least a week longer for delivery.
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    That Last Little Bit In The Bowl

    As others have said, the paramount rule of pipe smoking is to enjoy it. That said, if it’s important to smoke all the way to the bottom of the bowl, try a calabash.
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    Another Reason to Buy Tobacco Now

    I don’t know when or if Estervals will discount HU again but there are still many good deals there. Capstan is still a bargain and many of the Dan tobaccos are heavily discounted. St Bernard Flake, Holly’s Discovery, and the Ascanian blends are all worth trying and, as far as I know, unavailable...
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    Another Reason to Buy Tobacco Now

    It does not look like the base price of the HU blends has changed but that Estervals is no longer discounting any of them. The Estervals export price indicates a 16% discount which is the current VAT rate in Germany. I agree that these prices still reflect good value for what is some of the...
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    First Esterval’s Purchase

    Every Estervals order I have made has taken about a month to deliver to me in Lafayette, Louisiana. Its always been well worth the wait.