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  1. ben88

    FS: C&D Eight State Burley. Canada. 1/16/22

    PayPal F&F or EMT. $175 shipped for 5 tins.
  2. ben88

    FS: FS: C&D, Erinmore, John Aylesbury, Peterson, Sillem's & Wessex. Canada. 12/26/22

    Prices in $Cad. PayPal (Family & Friends) or EMT. Free shipping within Canada. C&D lot - $140 2019 After Hours Flake 2016 Bijou 2016 Briar Fox 2013 Five O'Clock Shadow Erinmore lot - $140 2019 Flake x 4 John Aylesbury lot - $150 2019 Classic Flake x 2 2017 Sir John's Flake x 2...
  3. ben88

    Example how to NOT ship tobacco....

    I recently purchased a lot of jarred tobacco here and seller assured that he would triple bag to avoid ghosting. Well.... take a look. Jars in a garbage bag.... Not a thing to protect them....
  4. ben88

    FS: Gawith Hoggarth Bosun Plug. Canada. 12/12/21

    I have 2 x 500g packages of G&H Bosun Plug, recent release. $140Cad each. If someone wants both - I'll cover the shipping.
  5. ben88

    FS: Aged VA, McClelland and Va/Or. 11/20/21

    PayPal F&F. USA only. Shipping is on me. Aged VA Lot - $65 - Ashton Type 3 (10/1995) - GL Pease Cairo (9/2012) - GL Pease Haddo's Delight (3/2014) 12 oz of 2013 Mac Baren Navy Flake (sealed in mylar) - $80 McClelland Aromatic Lot - $80 - 2019 No. 700 Baklava (2oz sealed in mylar) - 2015...
  6. ben88


    Has anyone purchased from Arictocob recently?
  7. ben88

    Mr. Brog

    Did they went belly up?
  8. ben88

    Food for Cats

    Does anyone makes food for cats at home? I'm interested in the recipe.
  9. ben88

    Anyone from ALABASTER, AL?

  10. ben88

    Esoterica Drop

    Looks like it's here?
  11. ben88

    PS LBF vs Comoy's Cask #7

    Which one do you prefer?
  12. ben88

    Any Members from Nova Scotia?

    Halifax perhaps
  13. ben88

    Comoy's Cask #7

    If you like - buy it now. Price will be going up to $126 per 2.2lb.
  14. ben88

    GLP and C&D

    Do C&D only tin GLP blends, or they mix them as well?
  15. ben88

    Retailer Directory

    So, all information from old site has been lost?
  16. ben88

    Balsa incerts.

    Do you cut your own?
  17. ben88

    Esoterica Drop

    Heard its coming. TopHat has Sobranie. 1 tin limit.
  18. ben88

    Newest acquisitions

  19. ben88

    Need a pic of John Aylesbury Finest British

    A tin of John Aylesbury Finest British without a warning label? Just need a good quality pic for jar label. Unfortunately couldn't find it online. Thanks
  20. ben88

    CAO as a distributor

    Would anyone know when CAO stopped being a distributor for European blends? I got some Dan Tobacco tins with CAO markings on them.