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  1. ben88

    FS: C&D Eight State Burley. Canada. 1/16/22

    PayPal F&F or EMT. $175 shipped for 5 tins.
  2. ben88

    FS: Aged VA, McClelland and Va/Or. 11/20/21

    @Ahi Ka Too late.... He already has it)))
  3. ben88

    Hello from Toronto

    Welcome, John.
  4. ben88

    What do You Do for a Buck?

    Steal and pillage.
  5. ben88

    Balsa -- A Sign of the Times

    Few wooden matches, break off the heads)))), also another substitute for balsa inserts.
  6. ben88

    Balsa -- A Sign of the Times

    Folded pipe cleaner works just as well as balsa "filter". Reusable as well.
  7. ben88

    Aromatic Blend that has Depth and Complexity.

    Watch City's Deluxe Crumb Cut & Old Black Magic.
  8. ben88

    FS: FS: C&D, Erinmore, John Aylesbury, Peterson, Sillem's & Wessex. Canada. 12/26/22

    Prices in $Cad. PayPal (Family & Friends) or EMT. Free shipping within Canada. C&D lot - $140 2019 After Hours Flake 2016 Bijou 2016 Briar Fox 2013 Five O'Clock Shadow Erinmore lot - $140 2019 Flake x 4 John Aylesbury lot - $150 2019 Classic Flake x 2 2017 Sir John's Flake x 2...
  9. ben88

    Best of the Rest English

    Pressing into a puck would really help the flavor development.
  10. ben88

    FS: Gawith Hoggarth Bosun Plug. Canada. 12/12/21

    Sold. Mods, please delete.