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  1. radio807

    Ho Comprato Una Pipa Castello a Firenze

    My wife and I had the pleasure of spending last week in Florence Italy to attend the ordination of a friend's son to the priesthood. While there I dropped by Castellana's shop near the Duomo. Mr. Castellana is a very pleasant fellow who truly loves pipes, and was a pleasure to meet and deal with...
  2. radio807

    August 10th Road Trip to Boswell's

    I'm going to be in Pennsylvania on Saturday the 10th to visit a friend in Carlisle. He's not going to be around until Noon, so I plan to spend the morning at Boswell's. If there are any forum members who are in the area stop on by if you can, I'd love to meet you.
  3. radio807

    Information and Advice Sought On Antique Pipes

    I just got hit with a bug to pick up a very old pipe, something from the 1920s or earlier. Dunhill pipes would be an obvious choice, but I'm not yet psychologically prepared to spend several hundred dollars on one. My ideal pipes would be any quality pipe from 1923 or 1927, which are my...
  4. radio807

    The Tobacco Shop of Ridgewood (NJ)

    I've been intending to visit this shop for quite some time, and yesterday my oldest son and I finally made it. It's located about an hour from my home, and the distance combined with the fact that I seldom get to that part of the state kept me from making a visit to the place. My primary...
  5. radio807

    Spain: A Smoker's Disappointment

    So here I am in the middle of a two week business trip to Spain, and I've had only four bowls of tobacco so far. Prior to the trip I'm thinking to myself that hey, Europe...Spain, everybody smokes so it must be a smoker's paradise compared to the US. I was wrong, big time. Spain is now just...
  6. radio807

    New Savinelli Oscar Lucite

    Here's a photo of the new pipe that I wasn't planning on buying while in NC on vacation. It's interesting looking, but not terribly attractive. However it's a perfect size and it feels great in my hand, so I took it home.
  7. radio807

    Latakia Convert

    I've always smoked aromatics, and only aromatics. I once tried a Latakia blend some years ago. I don't remember what it was or where I got it, but it was a house blend of some sort. It was God-awful. That was the last time I smoked anything with Latakia in it, and for years whenever the...
  8. radio807

    Boswell 1, USPS 0

    Here's a good one: I get a call yesterday morning from my local post office to ask if I would be kind enough to drop by and pick up a small package. It seems that the mail carrier complained that the box was very "stinky" and was smelling up her truck. It was and order of Boswell's Piper's...
  9. radio807

    My First Estate Pipe

    I've never owned an estate pipe before, nor have I had the desire to get one until this weekend. I was poking around inside an antiques barn a few minutes from home and found this pipe in a pile of cruddy estate pipes, most of which seemed to be beyond repair. I got it for all of $5.00. The...
  10. radio807

    Cob and Meer Smoking Similarities

    I have a question for those among us who have a fair amount of experience smoking cobs and meers. I keep six cobs in my accumulation of pipes, the rest being briars. I absolutely love the way the cobs smoke, but by the time they get to the point that they're perfectly seasoned to my liking...
  11. radio807

    My Christmas Gifts

    My first Boswell pipe (from my wife) and my new Xikar lighter from my son. Gonna fire 'em up tonight at the B&M.
  12. radio807

    Spreading Interest In Pipe Smoking

    I think I started something at my local B&M. A very nice cigar store opened up near me about a year and a half ago. My son works there part time and I often drop by the store in winter for a smoke. After smoking cigars for a couple of years my son finally decided to try a pipe. I bought him a...