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  1. dcicero

    Are We Alone?

    I'd say I beleive we are not alone, though recently I've lessened it a bit. A common feeling is that the universe is so big how could we not be? Though, thinking in relative terms, depending on how big you are our Galaxy could be the size of an atom. If you're even get the picture...
  2. dcicero

    Stuck in New Member Status

    If you like royal yacht you have to submit a written request. That's what happened to me.
  3. dcicero

    WTB/WTT MacLochain (1/13/22)

    Not easy to acquire, maybe someone's got a bit for me to test before I invest. Cheers to all!
  4. dcicero

    Intimidation, Y’all Know too Much

    To each thier own. Some people buy a grabow and smoke it until it busts. Then buy another. Some people love the hunt and collecting. After 3 years I've settled on 5 pipes. 2 cobs, 2 Gigis, and 1 De Mar. They have thier place in my lineup. Don't need another, not even a desire. Cheers!
  5. dcicero

    After 1 week. Things I noticed..

    Sounds like your doing great. Dont sweat the small stuff. Enjoy!
  6. dcicero

    VaPer Advice Please

    Wow I wish I liked that stuff. Good for you.
  7. dcicero

    Your Best Pipes Under $100 You Smoke

    Gigi Classicas are my favs
  8. dcicero

    Presbyterian Mixture Review

    I read somewhere it tastes like capers. And now that's all I taste. I don't mind.
  9. dcicero

    Hi from Southeast Michigan!

    Welcome from W MI!
  10. dcicero

    ISO Deep Hollow (12/26/21)

    Interesting. I didn't like scarecrow, ha! So maybe I won't be too disappointed if I cant find any.
  11. dcicero

    ISO Deep Hollow (12/26/21)

    I see. Know of a decent match I could try?
  12. dcicero

    ISO Deep Hollow (12/26/21)

    Hello all. Reaching out for a Deep Hollow sample. I have some stuff could trade - a bit of and so to bed perhaps, tin of St. Bruno, tin of Best Brown no 2? I don't know, just want to try it before I spend a ton on a can. Merry Christmas, folks!
  13. dcicero

    FS/FT (11/28/21) Royal Yacht and Best Brown

    Sold as lots. All unopened tins. Lot 1 $75 shipped 3x2018 Best Brown No 2 Lot 2 $45 shipped 2x2019 Royal Yacht 1x2020 Royal Yacht
  14. dcicero

    Heads Up, some Sammy Gawith Blends at P&C

    Thanks. Grabbed some Comonwealth my FAVORITE tobacco of all time so I hope noone buys it @cosmicfolklore
  15. dcicero

    Sam's Blend

    Thoughts on this one? The description seems interesting.
  16. dcicero


    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I enjoy being a part of this community. Cheers!
  17. dcicero

    WTB: Royal Jersey Perique (11/16/21)

    All done! Pls close! Thank you!
  18. dcicero

    WTB: Royal Jersey Perique (11/16/21)

    Check messages
  19. dcicero

    WTB: Royal Jersey Perique (11/16/21)

    Found a new love, hopefully someone is willing to part with some!