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  1. elvishrunes

    How to Best use my Pipe Budget?

    I think when we start out we want quantity, but soon after you only smoke the pipe you like, quality. I have maybe 20 pipes, and only smoke about 4 or 5 max, and now only buy stuff I know Ill enjoy and won’t sit around collecting dust…
  2. elvishrunes

    I’ve Been Flaking Out, Now English Tastes Funny

    As a ten year English smoker, the last year has slowly tamped down my enthusiasm for them, I do believe now they are a tad overrated. I still like them, but could live without them. They are really all about that nice Smokey smell…
  3. elvishrunes

    Mason Jars, End All Be All?

    I use jars, but buy the dollar store ones, some say isn’t good, but they seem OK me. I wonder if opening your jars occasionally to sniff the tobacco is bad for long term storage, I do that sometimes, whoops…
  4. elvishrunes

    Recommendations on a Lightly Flavored Blend That Retains Tobacco Flavor

    I just opened my first pouch today and it smells a lot like earthy dark fired, but with a little less smoke and more sweet, presumably from the bright red Virginia or maybe the casing, which is very light…. Not as aromatic as I expected either. Having said that I really like the flavour I’m...
  5. elvishrunes

    Recommendations on a Lightly Flavored Blend That Retains Tobacco Flavor

    I was going to ask this same question, but googled dark fired aromatic on SP. Anything with Kentucky should be at least a medium nic. I’ve gone back to aros lately, but the Cavendish based ones I have are just too low nic for me, although tasty… Up came; St Bruno, Peterson Irish flake and war...
  6. elvishrunes

    First Impression: St Bruno Ready Rubbed

    I googled “dark fired aromatic“ on SP recently because I’ve been re-enjoying aros lately and the smell, but they just don’t satisfy for nic. And up came ST Bruno as a suggestion among a few others…. I’d forgotten about it, so many to try, lol. Too many. I‘m looking for a crossover aro blend...
  7. elvishrunes

    Does tobacco that has been well stored for more than 20 years get better?

    I’m thinking the same about cellaring…. I don’t keep stuff to one day puff every tin, I just keep it in case stocks dry up. I doubt I’ll ever smoke my whole cellar and it’s still building. More a reserve, Ive never had really old stuff, but an ark makes sense. It improves for a while than...
  8. elvishrunes

    A Picture Of My Import Duty From Alberta/Canada

    Yup, I was going to say this too…. I heard on FB the “super saver” international option on Smokingpipes rarely gets dinged because of large volume, it only happened to me once…. And it’s cheap and FAST. I ordered 3 200g packs last Sunday and 2 came yesterday and one today, that is 7 and 8...
  9. elvishrunes

    A Picture Of My Import Duty From Alberta/Canada

    Wow, that takes the cake…. And I’m an Ontarian and thought Alberta was the land of low taxes…lol. I’ve been told to only order 4 tins (200g) or you’ll get hit. I was hit once though on one 50g tin, 16$, so some luck is involved.
  10. elvishrunes

    Public Piping; Where Do you Do it?

    I either smoke in the woods which doesn’t count as in public or at the local park…. Being Canadian and stand off-ish most ignore me, but a few think it’s weed which annoys me. It isn’t that I didn’t smoke weed in public before when I was younger, but I just wish people would appreciate it is...
  11. elvishrunes

    A Rumination on the Glory of the Unboxing of a Grade 1 Nording Freehand

    That’s a sexy pipe for sure! You could easily see that listed for 300-500$ if you didn’t know that was a classic Nording. Him and Neerup make the best pipes, for the most affordable prices. I’m still collecting Neerups, but a Nording like that is definitely on the list. He has some unusual...
  12. elvishrunes

    Bulk Tobacco vs. Tins

    I’d be most inclined to trust cans long term that have a foil seal on them like C/D or Sutliff does…. After that I’d still trust tins, but properly packed unopened jars I would think would hold up too. It’s a good question…
  13. elvishrunes

    Morning Coffee and a Pipe

    Actually it is worse, there are actually some good aromatics:) Been enjoying aros lately. I‘m joking of course, I enjoyed Cosmic’s story of his morning routine and it is whatever you like…. Macdonald’s makes a decent cup of Java these days… A codger I know asked me to order him 12 Captain...
  14. elvishrunes

    Smokin and Walkin

    I haven’t had any issues, just don’t puff as much. One puff every 10 steps, something like that.
  15. elvishrunes

    Einstein's Pipes

    If I saw those in an antique store, I wouldn’t buy any of them…
  16. elvishrunes

    A Very Long Shot...

    Yeah to me it looks like a meer with maybe some type of coating. I’ve never seen a non-meer with a leather pouch like that, and to me looks like amber in the stem.
  17. elvishrunes

    Latakia Reversal?

    Yup, like Dave said, it’s all about the smell that makes Lat so appealing, it does have a full flavour too…. I experiment with other stuff but always come back, even if I disappear for a few months. I would still choose a strong english if that was my one and only smoke…. I think Virginias are...
  18. elvishrunes

    (Re)Start Pipes. From the Beginning for a Pipe

    I’m actually surprised Portugal doesn’t have some good pipe shops, seems like a pipe culture, like Italy and maybe Spain…. Maybe it is the area you live…? Yes from buying new and used pipes, a bad smoking pipe is more rare than a good smoking one, just buy on athletics, what looks good and it...
  19. elvishrunes

    Cellaring Guidance

    Like most said it depends on your taste and it isn’t that big a deal lots of times…. I wouldn’t buy anything I couldn’t smoke right away, and my cellar is a function of wanting stuff around in case it is discontinued or borders close or something like that, not for age, though I’ll take it…...
  20. elvishrunes

    Former Ontario Premier Bill Davis RIP

    As an Ontarian, I wasn’t expecting this on a mostly US, and others forum…. From what I know he was well liked and long served, rare to be well liked as a politician these days... -Didn’t know he was a piper. Oh yes Rob Ford and the crack pipe, what a character… lol Yes his brother Doug is the...