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  1. portascat

    Been gone a while. Need a tobacco suggestion.

    Been smoking English and Latakia blends almost exclusively for a couple years or more. Occasionally smoke a bit of half and half. Looking for something that has to exist, just unfound by me. Criteria: Non aromatic if possible. Has a spice note. Not like a perique note. More like a cinnamon or...
  2. portascat

    Shooting and prescription glasses - info and advice

    Completely non pipe related, but with such a diverse group here, with many shooting sports folks, I thought it might be worth it. At 47 years old, I am finally going to have to get corrective lens glasses. Haven't had the examination yet, but I am undoubtedly losing my short range vision...
  3. portascat

    Comoys 185 "Tiger Eye"

    Estate bought off of Sat there for a while, and I am surprised no one snatched it up, as it was under $50. The description mentioned "slight scratches on bowl" which I am unable to find, and it appears to be virgin. Wow.
  4. portascat

    Fusiliers Ration...

    is some damn good sh.... All you need to know.
  5. portascat

    I Don't Know Bob White, But He Makes a Fine Pipe

    Picked her up on Ebay for a steal. Pics don't do her justice, and she smokes like a dream. Big bowl, thumb size, and pretty as you please. Plus a picture of a KelTec PLR16 with a holographic site on it, since I accidentally uploaded it, too.
  6. portascat

    Brigadier Black "Alamo"

    Bought a can of it, because it was a promotion. Chose the Alamo blend, because I am a Texan, and for no other reason. I really have given up smoking aromatics for the most part, smoking 99% English and Balkans. In fact, I have gone several months on that diet alone, lately, and the closest thing...
  7. portascat

    Grabow Regal - Just because

    as recreated by Ed James....
  8. portascat

    The Briar Shoppe - Houston, Texas Probably the only true "pipe shop" left in Houston. There may be one or two shops out there somewhere that carry a few things, but this one is the only one I know that has a large selection of high end pipes (Petes, Sav's, Dunhills, Nordings, etc.) on display, as well...
  9. portascat

    Thanks again, EJames...

    I still say, and I may be in the minority, that the new pipe smoker SHOULD venture out into the realm of the estate pipe. I knew nothing, really, about pipes when I bought this Kaywoodie. I still really know nothing about pipes, but even less then. But I scored a 1937 pipe that just needed minor...
  10. portascat

    Escudo Navy - nice surprise

    I got a tin, and finally broke it open. Very mellow, much more than I expected, with a perfect dose of nicotine. I find that my sense of taste is kind of dulled to a lot of blends, but this one really has a great flavor to it. Nice and enjoyable, very much (to me) a "mans smoke". I bought a tin...
  11. portascat

    Ejames - pipe works

    Sent my 1937 Kaywoodie Bulldog and a DG Savoy to him for some general cleaning and de-oxidizing. These are his pics, after the deed was done, plus a DG Regal he rusticated and ended up selling me. The man does a good job....doesn't he? As a side note, all these are "working mans pipes". The...
  12. portascat

    Atmos Folding Reamer - experiences?

    Just picked one up on Ebay. $5, including shipping, so it seemed a good investment. Anyone have or use one?
  13. portascat

    C&D Black Frigate

    Smoky, Latikia-y, rummy, good. Had a hard time keeping it lit, but that is likely the nature of this beast. Needed more airing out than I gave it. Perfect for a small bowled Savoy, which is what I smoked it in. Nice nicotine hit. Not heavy or overwhelming, but noticeable.
  14. portascat

    If Someone Wins this Kaywoodie...PawPaw has the box! sent pawpaw a box for this model kaywoodie. he said he didn't want the box, but he got it anyhow. he may be willing to part with it for $50 or so, now that it is...
  15. portascat

    Interesting find on one of my old pipes...

    Some of you might vaguely recall the fact that I got, via ebay, a Kaywoodie Bulldog carburetor pipe about a year ago. When I bought it, it was overclocked on the stem, and the carb hole was plugged up badly. I played around with it a bit here and there, and got both those problems worked out. I...
  16. portascat

    Kaywoodie Fanatics - 28 C 6 panel apple..for sale, maybe?; 3/14/12

    I will post some pics in a bit, but it is this pipe here: Very lightly smoked, very light teeth chatter on stem, marked; Kaywoodie Standard and 28C has intact 4 hole stinger, and the Kaywoodie Clover sits on top of the stem, not the side. Stem is...
  17. portascat

    White Vinegar and

    Have heard mention of it recently. Yes? No? Maybe so? Works like a charm? Are you insane?
  18. portascat

    I suppose a man could do better...

    but I am not sure he would ever need to...
  19. portascat

    WV Smoke Shop - excellent service found the link on this forum, not sure where, but went ahead and placed an order. 4 oz. each of Lanes 1Q and BCA, which is my mix for my "50/50". Their prices beat any of the online retailers I normally use (all fine retailers, themselves). As well, the delivery time was...
  20. portascat

    GBD Pipe Restore - Walker Briar Works -before and after-pic heavy

    This is the before and after pics of a GBD Congress / Shape 1353 restore done by Walker Briar Works. The pipe was gifted to me by a friend, Max, who gave up pipe smoking, although it is obvious to see that he loved this one nearly to death. All the signs point to a well loved and oft utilized...