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  1. Stompthroat

    FS: Frog Morton Cellar and Across the Pond 50g (10/20/21)

    Selling each 50g sealed tin for $80, free shipping. Continental USA only. If you buy both, I'll take $5 off. Paypal, friends and family (PPFF) preferred. I could work out other payment if needed.
  2. Stompthroat

    Blatter and Blatter (Montreal)

    My trip to Montreal in 2020 was cancelled/postponed. We hope to get back north sometime, and was wondering if anyone here had interactions with this pipe shop? Canada is a shit when it comes to regulations and taxes on tobacco, but I'll throw some funny dollars their way if I can sneak over the...
  3. Stompthroat

    Missouri Meerschaum: MacArthur (or What the Heck)

    Deep, deep cob chamber! Wow. I might pick one of these up, but I was wondering if any of you here use this pipe or something like it and if it really has any benefits. I was thinking it could be useful to just stick 2-3 flakes vertical in the sucker and get puffing! Perhaps, plum pudding would...
  4. Stompthroat

    Just joined, East Coast Pipe Smoking

    Hey everyone. I've lurked here a bunch, but finally started an account. I'm mid east coast, and have been smoking pipes and a few cigars for about 5 years. I don't get to smoke often, but want to carry the tradition because I'm sentimental like that. To be honest, I am starting this primarily...