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    CupoJoe’s Bought Out by Sutliff

    Title edited for caps -jpm “Thank you for your inquiry and attention to detail of our website. On December 1, 2021 Cup O was purchased by STC Holdings, a sister company to Sutliff Tobacco Company located in Richmond, Va. As an aside, Sutliff was purchased by Mac Baren Tobacco in 2013...
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    MacBaren Royal Twist Remake

    will be interested in how this compares to 3Nuns Green and Savinelli Doblones d’Oro.
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    Interesting Read About Oriental Tobacco Kind Of Current I thought this article got some attention closer to its publication date 1/1/2021, perhaps not here, though.
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    Interesting Up To Date Read On Latakia Production
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    Curly Block And Other K&K Blends, Also Samuel Gawith At Watch City

    A good selection of Samuel Gawith plus these from K&K: Astleys Fribourg McConnell Nording Heinrich Wessex (Including the new Wessex Curly Block) Ernie is offering portions of the Curly Block.
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    Castello Book

    Franco Coppo, the head of Castello has authored a book. It is in Italian and English It has been available through Italian dealers for a few months at €50 plus shipping. Smoking Pipes copies arrived and were put on the site today. Do a search “Castello Book.” Price is $65, spend another $30...
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    Why Am I Now Required To Manually Log In?

    Daily, for the last two days. I have not reset anything on my tablet. Haven’t changed any of my previous settings for this site.
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    Where Does Tobacco Get Its Flavor?

    Here Notice the number of these companies located in Germany. Want your cigarette strip to taste like whatever? Not a problem.
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    CupoJoes Article

    I thought this article about Kathleen Kelly, Queensbury Pipe and Cigar ( her physical retail store) and CupoJoes (pipe web site) would be of interest. HERE
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    Tobacco Reviews Site Has Been Hacked

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9)
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    It Isn’t Just Surepost Having Issues

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) Good heavens, what a mess. Link
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    New Castello Shape.

    Not sure if I like it or not. HERE
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    Distributor Shutdowns Begin

    Phillips and King distributes Samuel Gawith and Gawith Hoggarth from a warehouse in California. This will be the first of many. Supporting your B & M is a great idea, do it now if you have them close at hand while they still have stock.
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    Interesting Article on Caminetto Pipes

    See here
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    I.M. Corona Old Boy Lighter Repair

    After 20+ years of faithful service, my Old Boy seals gave out. It had gotten to the point of not holding a charge even overnight. I sent the lighter to Arango Cigar, the current distributor, on January 14, and received the lighter back on February 24. I charged it then, adjusted the flame to my...
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    Congratulations, Pipestud!

    This morning, my friend Steve Fallon announced that over the last year, his web page had achieved over 1 million page views. Steve credits his webmaster, but I would say @pipestud has a well earned reputation for honesty and square dealings that keep people coming back. But even more than that...
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    Daughters and Ryan Favorites For Pipes?

    Other than Picayune, which might not be for everyone, I have not tried any of these blends. Which are your top choices for pipe smoking?