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  1. rmpeeps

    Regional Delicacies / Specialties Of Your Area

    He makes small layered wraps of the three meats, each one about the width of a 2-finger egg roll. He batches up about 10 in each of 3-4 armadillo shells, pulls the shell tight and ties off with baling wire. They get tossed in the edge of a campfire for about 45 minutes, turning now and then...
  2. rmpeeps

    Regional Delicacies / Specialties Of Your Area

    SqirrBittDillo. A S.Tx specialty created by my nephew. Unfortunately, he now resides in Oklahoma.
  3. rmpeeps

    Union Square - Best Age?

    Time Warp.
  4. rmpeeps

    Praise for Jacono Pipes

    They did some fine collaborations with McCranie’s Pipe Shop. Im proud to have two from that period.
  5. rmpeeps

    From the very center of Central Asia - Kazakhstan.

    Welcome from San Antonio, Texas. Beautiful pictures.
  6. rmpeeps

    Which Blend Do You Wish You Bought More Of Before It Disappeared?

    Butera’s Blended Flake. An sitting on a couple of tins, but I’d certainly reach for it more often if I had another 10 tins stashed away.
  7. rmpeeps

    Any Suggestions on a Straight Virginia?

    Get some C&D Opening Night and Interlude, fully rub them out and mix 50/50. Give them 3 months + in a jar, and ENJOY!!
  8. rmpeeps

    Why is Penzance the Ultimate Mythical Unicorn?

    Back in about 1999 I bought an 8oz tray pouch of Penzance. About 10 bowls in cured me of tge wound.
  9. rmpeeps

    A Sober Realisation

    “When I walked to work”, ….I can’t imagine the experience.
  10. rmpeeps

    MClelland Cellars

    “The Hand” I said. My wife forbids me from kissing other parts of any individual. Bless her heart.
  11. rmpeeps

    MClelland Cellars

    What blows me away is the recent ”Sold Out” listings of McClelland blends of old Green Label blends. For the past few years these blends could hardly catch market prices.
  12. rmpeeps

    The First Ever "State Of The Cellar" Report

    BTW, Buffalo Bill had a cellar too!!
  13. rmpeeps

    MClelland Cellars

    Jesse, I’ve seen his bike. A unicorn could never muster that thing.
  14. rmpeeps

    The First Ever "State Of The Cellar" Report

    It almost looks like you know what you’re doing!! NICE !!
  15. rmpeeps

    DUNE is a dud.

    Thanks Jesse. I think I’ll just read it again.
  16. rmpeeps

    MClelland Cellars

    From ‘97 to 2012 I was buying about 30 tins a year of McC blends. Always 10-12 tins of CC, some #24, #25, #22, #27, and then yearly pounds of 2025, 2015, 2035, and various PCCA and Butera Blended Flake. After McC’s closing I sold off over 300 tins and about 25lbs of bulk. Still sitting on...
  17. rmpeeps

    MClelland Cellars

    Gotta love them Tidy Cats!!!
  18. rmpeeps

    What Are You Listening To? - October 2021

    While it’s not a readily available YouTube video, tonight was partially spent 20 ft from Los Texmaniacs. Awesome show with backing band by Ernie Durawa.
  19. rmpeeps

    School me on What I Bought

    And Hitler’s favored car was the Mercedes-Benz. What’s the point?!!