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  1. Kozeman

    Nording Pipe Transformation

    A couple months ago I ordered a Nording churchwarden pipe. I was a bit surprised by two characteristics that did not seem to be impressed upon me when I reviewed the pictures of the pipe at the time of selection on the SP website. It was huge in my hand and the finish was very hard and almost...
  2. Kozeman

    It's One Way To Stay Calm.

  3. Kozeman

    Not Just for Beards

    I have a couple natural briar pipes with no finish on them. They have been darkening with use as one would expect. I started to notice some blotchy spots of darkness that corresponded with where my hands held the pipe. This too was not unexpected. But what I thought was natural hand oils was...
  4. Kozeman

    Hello from Woodstock, Illinois

    Hi guys, I’ve been lurking on this forum for a while and finally found a time to introduce myself. My name is Mark Koziol and I live in Woodstock, Illinois (home of Bill Murray’s groundhog day). I had my first Pipe experience about thirty years ago. It was quite enjoyable, but I was never...