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  1. TinCup

    Should've Just Bought Whale Vomit!

    My Tale: Panic set in some weeks back as I realised that despite stricter and stricter rationing, what little tobacco I had left just wasn't going to last until the airport fully reopens on this tiny little tropical island and travel returns to something resembling normal allowing resupply via...
  2. TinCup

    Opening The Draw On A Cigar

    Sorry folks I'm sure this is an often repeated question but cant see one after a brief look I really like the Cuaba Tradicionales but often find the draw way too tight (esp in the first 3rd) Despite this I really enjoy the flavour and since they've been out of stock here since end of last...
  3. TinCup

    Cutting a Balsa Filter

    I have a Parker Jockey that's prone to gurgle on every smoke (with or without the metal stinger type filter) and I don't enjoy messing about with a pipe cleaner during my smoke to dry it up I was thinking about slicing a savinelli 6mm balsa filter along its length and inserting that to see if...
  4. TinCup

    How Would You Mark A Stem

    One of my pipes doesn't have any marking at all on the stem & I believe I see a slightly flusher fit with the stem one way round (a very slightly closer fit) To save all the faffing/second guessing when reassembling after cleaning I was thinking about marking the stem so that I knew which way...
  5. TinCup

    The Best Things Come To Those... etc

    Since before IPSD I've been ordering bits and bobs that I could pick up together as I had a little trip planned and last evening night I finally got my hands on everything together Out of shot is a few hundred filters, cleaners and other accessories but the main stuff is the Savinelli Roma...
  6. TinCup


    I assume if I smoke a pipe by putting the lip/bit/mouthpiece barely into my mouth as opposed to shoving half the stem in there, then a Peterson P-Lip stem isn't really gonna work for me & I should stick with fishtail? Looking at pics of it I imagine my top lip will cover & block the draught...
  7. TinCup

    No Filter, Peterson System, 9mm Charcoal

    Even after reading a couple of websites (inc the Peterson one) I'm none the wiser what the Peterson system is and what, if any, comparisons can be made to using either 9mm filter or no filter No-filter seems pretty self explanatory and while popular on these boards its not for me I use 9mm...
  8. TinCup

    Cellar/Cellaring Nomenclature

    Bit of a newb Q but having not heard it in this context before joining this site I’m curious as to the history/logic that led to ‘cellar & cellaring’ being commonly used to describe keeping a range or quantity of pipe tobacco. If I was asked to describe it before joining I guess I’d have said...
  9. TinCup

    What Do You Re-Purpose

    ...or adapt or whatever word you want to use, for your pipe smoking, pipes or tobacco? Inspired by the tamper thread and all the different things folks use to tamp down I'm sure there will be a wider collection of items designed for something else that you guys n gals have transformed into a...
  10. TinCup

    What Would You Like To See Make A Comeback

    Was listening to a radio show on the drive to work this morning and they talked briefly about the popularity (or lack thereof) of pipe smokers in today's world and whether it might make a comeback given the lack of under 30's pipe smoking these days, they then mentioned another couple of items...
  11. TinCup

    Is Online Shopping A Good Thing?

    Not just for Pipes/Tobacco but overall. We’ve had it for a number of years now, what’s your opinion? I think where there’s no physical product involved it’s generally a good thing (electronic files/TV streaming etc) but I can’t quite see that the positives outweigh the negatives yet when there...
  12. TinCup

    Quick Mix Query

    I'm certain someone will already have done this and looking for an answer to this query... I've found cherry topped aros to be very strong in room note, jar aroma and smoked taste, if I mix it 50/50 with a standard Cavendish aro will it 'dilute' the cherry by around half or simply flavour the...
  13. TinCup

    That Pipe’s Just Not Suitable, I'll Take XYZ…

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title - Bob (See Rule 9) Just following another post and thought it might be worth a topic of its own so as not to take that thread off topic It might just be me but do you make decisions on which pipe to use based on where you are going/what you will be doing and...
  14. TinCup

    Cigars - Random Irritations

    This wasn’t worthy of a thread of its own so I thought I’d start a thread where you can list something Cigar related that just irritates you… (apologies if you've had one of these threads before) Went to the store last night to restock with a handful of Cuaba Divinos after smoking my last one...
  15. TinCup

    First Briar, What to Expect?

    Hi, Up till now I've been smoking pipes made either from Pearwood, Ebony (& one other from some unknown wood) but delivery is en-route with my first Briar pipe (nothing magically expensive but italian made) What differences can I expect to experience? Thanks
  16. TinCup

    Having a Tamper Tantrum

    Not really but thought it was a fun thread title Until recently my pipe smoking was sporadic for several years, but since I kicked the cigs it has become more regular but I don’t actually own a purpose built pipe tamper tool and have been tootling along fine using wooden golf tees till now...
  17. TinCup

    Storing Tobacco In The Car

    I usually don’t light up in the car but would like to have the option if faced with an extended traffic jam or suchlike. So if I wanted to carry some tobacco in the car medium term (just enough for a couple of bowls) what would be a suitable container to store it so that it remains in decent...
  18. TinCup

    Hi To All

    Hi everyone. I’ve dabbled with pipe smoking for a couple of years but recently ramped it up when finally kicking the cigs into touch Originally from the UK but currently living on a little island in the Indian Ocean, which must be one of the harder places to get more involved in pipe smoking as...