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  1. davek

    How Does Smoking Affect Your Sleep?

    We just had a thread on reconciling the health effects of smoking a pipe. End conclusion seems to be that a pipe is (naturally) never as bad as cigarettes and varies considerably in the dangers it does have depending on quantity smoked. The effects focused on seemed to be cancer and cardio...
  2. davek

    Great Yard Sale Deal

    Was just at an estate sale as it was winding down and they were just having you fill a box for $5. Got stuff worth at least that in household items, yard tools, a glass pipe stand, an old Czech tool, etc.. As I was leaving I saw this pipe and asked the cost. "Just throw it in the box.", they...
  3. davek

    Red Ox Twist

    Yeah, after seeing it at a local smoke shop for a while and reading about it here, not being able to get Cotton Boll locally, I finally figured I would give it a try. First, a little history. Lately I've been liking Burley a lot. I get whole leaf Burley and mellow it various ways, honey...
  4. davek

    How Do You Fix A Compressed Stem?

    I'm working on an estate pipe and the stem will pass a cleaner only with difficulty. Upon inspection it has been clenched on and compressed right in front of the "rim" right at the end of the mouthpiece. Makes sense since the rim is so big and hard that I clench on the same place. What is the...
  5. davek

    Tobacco Blending Forum

    Is there a tobacco blending forum, or a forum with a blending section? I am currently stoving a number of experiments and have a question on stoving.
  6. davek

    Repairing A Crack In Briar Pipe

    Hey: First, a little about my piping ways. I usually smoke cobs where I have replaced the stem with a reed stem. I like a longer church warden or "semi-churchwarden" stem. Also, I avoid clenching as it will give me a headache and TMJ issues if done too much. It's hard to clench a reed stem. It's...
  7. davek

    How Old Is Everyone

    At 62 years old I sometimes wonder if I am a bit aged to take up the pipe again. I wonder the age of all the posters here. How old is everyone?
  8. davek

    Deep Fissures in Bowl

    Revisiting Ozark Mountain. After finding out my Missouri Meerschaum Ozark Mountain pipe was Birch instead of Cherry I still bought another. It has a nice big bowl and was an inexpensive pipe for my rotation. (which consists of using a pipe all day and then letting it rest for a long time) After...
  9. davek

    Ozark Mountain Cherrywood

    Been smoking my Missouri Meerschaum hardwood pipe a lot lately. What I've learned is that cobs have spoiled me! Now that it has seen some moderate use, I am getting clogging and gurgling. I guess that the Missouri Meerschaum hardwoods require the same maintenance that a briar would, or more...
  10. davek

    Quick and Dirty Pipe Stand

    You can make it in minutes from a doubled strip of cereal box and a piece of masking tape. You can make a nicer one from a piece of leather belt and a decorative rivet from the craft store. Rule #9- please capitalize topic headings...thanks, Zack
  11. davek

    Cheaper Wooden Pipes

    In a lot of your garden variety smoke shops the have wooden pipes, made in China I believe. They cost more than a cob but nowhere near what a briar costs. This type of shop may have a couple Dr. Grabow briars, or no briars at all. Does anyone know what wood these are made off? Are they any good...
  12. davek

    How Much Marrying

    How long does it take to get at least some marrying of tobacco if you are creating a blend? I've heard of at least 6 months for a blend to marry with quick and dirty marrying happening under pressure in a week. How much marrying could you see in a jarred blend in a week or two? I've been smoking...
  13. davek

    Who Smokes Whole Leaf, Homegrown or Not

    I used to smoke cigars which have gotten trendy and expensive. I am currently smoking whole leaf from I buy the cigar leaf, dice it myself, and am enjoying it quite a bit. Who else on the forum smokes whole leaf, whether buying it as such or growing their own? Also growing a few...
  14. davek

    reed stems

    Does anyone make their own corn cob pipes? I am eliminating some Arundo Donax (giant reed) from my yard finding it to make great reed stems. I personally am using it to make my cobs into churchwardens. I could send a few out if anyone wants any...