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  1. Simmerdown☕️

    Cob Love…Yes Please! 🌽 11/30/21

    Hey All, As we delve deeper into this Seasons Greetings & all that good stuff. I can’t stop and ponder my beloved cobs as the weather gets more chilled and the precipitation begins to freeze and crystallize. I tend to smoke them more and more these days. That’s not to say that I’m against briar...
  2. Simmerdown☕️

    FS: GL Pease, Artisan’s Blend & More 11/28/21

    Lot 1) 75$ (All tins are at least 2 yr old) - 2 tin of Presbyterian Mixture - 1 tin of Peterson’s Old Dublin - 1 tin of John Cotton’s No. 1 - 1 tin of John Cotton’s No. 1&2 - 1 tin of 4th Generation 1882 (1.4oz) - 1 tin of 4th Generation 1882 (3.5oz) Lot 2) 70$ - 1 tin Seattle Pipe...
  3. Simmerdown☕️

    FS: Esoterica & Dunhill Blends 11/24/21

    Lot 1) Esoterica: $80 shipped 2 tins of Margate 1 tin of Pembroke Lot 2) Dunhill: $110 shipped 3 tins of EMP 1 tin of Nightcap 1 tin of Durbar Mixture Each are sold as lots. They all have at least a few years of age on them. Shipping to continental 🇺🇸 only PayPal F&F PM me with interest Thanks...
  4. Simmerdown☕️

    FS: Samuel Gawith Blends 11/18/21

    Slimming down the cellar. These SG blends were purchased 2 yrs or longer. $120 shipped in the continental 🇺🇸 only. Payment via PayPal F&F USPS First Class w/ tracking PM me with interest Thanks. 👍☕️
  5. Simmerdown☕️

    Synjeco Update 11/16/21

    To all who care…Daniel from Synjeco sent out an email to notify folks that he will be discounting items 10% (that is anything that is not already discounted) until our Black Friday I believe. Also, Daniel mentioned that he has Cabbies Mixture available as well for those interested. 👍☕️
  6. Simmerdown☕️

    FS: Balkan Sobranie & MacBaren HH Vintage Syrian 11/14/21

    Shipping in the 🇺🇸 only PayPal F&F payment PM me with interest Thanks for your attention. 👍☕️ FOR SALE: 5 Tins of Balkan Sobranie 2017 for 110$ Shipped FOR SALE: 3 tins of Vintage Syrian 1.75oz & 1 3.5oz tin for sale $100 shipped. All July 2017.
  7. Simmerdown☕️

    11/8/21: Hearth & Home English Blends For Sale

    Selling 2 tins each of Black House & White Knight for 50$ shipping included. They were purchased in 2017. Shipping in the 🇺🇸 only. PayPal F&F please. PM me with interest Thanks. Best, Dave ☕️
  8. Simmerdown☕️

    7/28/21: But, What the Hell, Here Goes Nothing! ☕️

    I’m not one to stick with a blend from cracking-to-crumbs. I enjoy variety too much and my ADHD mostly prevents me from housing a tin at a time. But, I’m gonna give it a try with a blend I know I like, but never truly appreciated. What’s more is I’m gonna smoke it in a pipe I know never fails...
  9. Simmerdown☕️

    2/27/21: So You Think You Wanna Take on Pipe Repair & Restoration?

    I’m a duffer when it comes to pipe fixing. The extent of my skills comes down to cotton alcohol treatments & micro-mesh pad sanding. However, I definitely appreciate what goes into a professional repair & restoration. The other day I was smoking a bowl of Mac Baren Burley London Blend whilst...
  10. Simmerdown☕️

    2/17/21: Viking Horn

    Take a look at this posting from Chance. I know that Bo Nordh is at the paramount of pipe makers historically. But, do you suppose that if I puffed on this I’d grow Viking horns from my dome and Valkyries would come to take me to Valhalla? I’m sure that there is more than one out there that will...
  11. Simmerdown☕️

    2/8/21: Missing My Pipe 😌 ☕️

    Have you ever misplaced one of your pipes? I’m not just talking bout any pipe. I’m talking bout a MM Mark Twain with a tortoise Forever stem. 😆 It was a brilliant smoker and it has been gone for 6 months now. I know I could just buy another Twain & stem, but it pisses me off just the same as I’m...
  12. Simmerdown☕️

    1/25/21: @Weezell 💣 .🙏☕️

    I woke up to ☕️ and a note on the forum to check my mailbox. @weezell decided out of the goodness of his heart to send a package my way. The Christmas Cheer and Meer were expected, but the rest: a generous sample of Luxury Navy Flake 2012, some dark black ferment coins of 2010 Luxury Bullseye...
  13. Simmerdown☕️

    1/15/21: For Interested in a Older Unsmoked Meer

    Take a look, reasonably priced, unsmoked & with the bone in tenon still intact. Not sure of the age, but could be a keeper for Meer lovers or a newer piper that wants to tread into Meers without paying an arm and a leg. ☕️
  14. Simmerdown☕️

    12/4/20: First Synjeco SA Order

    Just finished processing my first order through Daniel @ Synjeco. Was simple and am looking forward to my St. James Plug forthcoming. For those that’ve ordered before about how long does it take to arrive? Thanks!☕
  15. Simmerdown☕️

    Thanks Jim!👍☕️

    2020 has been on helluva year. Here’s to all of us looking back on this in a few years with reverence & nostalgia. Now I don’t post as much as I’d like to. I often take days and weeks off from posting for whatever reason. One thing is comforting when I come back into the forums is the posting of...
  16. Simmerdown☕️

    Opening a 2007 Tin of GL Pease Fillmore

    I looked through my cellar earlier today wanting to grab something with age to it. I wasn’t sure what I wanted...I just wanted to crack and old tin for the hell of it. I came across a tin of G.L. Pease Fillmore Fog City Selection I’d forgotten about and noticed it bulging...which as we all know...
  17. Simmerdown☕️

    Retailer Estate Pipe Price Negotiations?

    Has anyone ever attempted or been successful in negotiating prices on estate pipes with on-line houses such as Only reason I’m asking is that I’ve noticed some interesting pipes that were originally listed as Estates 4-5 months ago still available. Thanks!☕
  18. Simmerdown☕️

    Dating HU Tins?

    Does anyone know how to date HU tins? Thanks for your assistance!
  19. Simmerdown☕️

    Sasieni Education Please!

    I’d like to educate myself on the Sasieni brand as I’m finding the more classic shapes more interesting. Sasieni is very well thought of, but as of yet I’ve not purchased one and want to know how to rate them as far as quality/value. I’m sure there are a few here who can direct me, so thanks in...