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  1. badbriar

    Captain Earle Blends

    Well, with these on sale, the timing for this question may be on the mark. Which of their 8 available blends are winners and which are snoozers? And - which are absolute must have favorites?
  2. badbriar

    SPC Mississippi River

    In short, this is really good stuff, guys! I cracked open a relatively new 8oz tin and was whalloped by an amazing concentrated tin note! Aroma is right between a light English and a VA-Per. Lots of sour dark fruit, grass and a wee tiny little bit of smokiness peeking out. Based on the tin...
  3. badbriar

    GH Ropes

    What is the difference between Brown Irish X and Happy (Brown) Bogie? I am not able to find any discernible difference between the two, or for that matter, Brown Twist Sliced (Happy Bogie Sliced). All are fairly stout, but smooth as silk and easily remain lit throughout the bowl. I usually...
  4. badbriar

    Va-Pers With Red Virginias

    Since there was a question as to why blenders do this...What are some exceptional Va-Pers with Red Va prominently featured (aka 'heavy handed')? Love that stuff! puffy
  5. badbriar

    Finally Prepared Cringle Flake The Right Way

    I probably should have added that I prepared Cringle Flake the right way - for me. The first two bowls with this reportedly delish flake were miserable. I rubbed the very damp flakes out to a bit of a rough chunk, packed, toasted and tried to light up. Tried again and again, but the tobacco...
  6. badbriar

    Kramer's Father Dempsey

    I do believe that I've discovered my favorite blend. This is a medium to full blend with a wonderfully complex aroma with a lot going on. Not too smoky with lots of dried fruit notes from the perique and Virginias and something more that's difficult to pin down. Smokes well in a variety of...
  7. badbriar

    Sarasota Area

    OK - anyone close to Sarasota, FL area? Need to get together for a few pipe bowls or cigars with good beers! 🍻 RR
  8. badbriar

    SG Skiff Mixture vs Squadron Leader - ?

    What is the difference between these two SG favorites? To me, they are quite similar, with Skiff seeming to be ever so slightly more flavorful. IMHO, both seem to be rather mild for SG offerings.
  9. badbriar

    Mylar Bags

    After the last order arrived with popped square tins, I've realized it's time to get on board with storing in mylar bags. What size is recommended for single square tins and where to source? Thanks for any help!
  10. badbriar

    Why The Dislike For Latakia?

    Can't help wondering what leads to a dislike for blends containing latakia. Personally, I love the stuff. You know, anything smoked...BBQ Pork Butts, Brisket, Lapsang Souchong tea, bacon and latakia! So, is it that pipe enthusiasts overdose on lat blends and develop a serious dislike or what???
  11. badbriar

    Presbyterian Mixture - ?

    Reviews all over the place on this one. Is it on the mild side and this one worth stocking up on?
  12. badbriar

    Using Cigars As Pipe Tobacco

    Has anyone tried cutting/chopping cigars to smoke in a pipe? I have an extensive cigar collection and got a wild idea to try cutting a bowl size piece from a Churchill and maybe add a bit of stoved Virginia and latakia to see what's what. My preference is for full bodied cigars, like LFD...
  13. badbriar

    Herb / Weed Grinders

    So I've seen that many here agree that these things have value in breaking down flakes & plugs. Have a couple of questions... What is the recommended size? I see then on the Bay from 1" to 2.5". Is this a case where bigger is better? Do you find that it goes too far in grinding the tobacco...
  14. badbriar

    G.L.P. 20th Anniversary Samarra

    Is this blend gone / out of stock?
  15. badbriar

    Syrian Latakia

    I understand that this variety of Latakia is all but extinct, but I don't get as to why that is. Other than the destruction in that region, why is that strain of Latakia not planted and cultivated in other areas. In the cigar world, it is common, for example, to take Cuban seed and plant in...
  16. badbriar

    This Time Of Year Kinda Sucks

    The Holiday season is a double-edged sword for some all of with TAD. It sucks. All of our favorite tobaccos are on sale. Limited releases come out. And to encourage us to buy, they are on sale as well. Every good online pipe tobacconist stocks up and are full of goodies and hard to finds...
  17. badbriar

    Sutliff Cringle Flake 2020

    Any reviews here on this flake? This is another one that sold in record time. Anyone else here stock up?
  18. badbriar

    Amazing What A Sale Will Do

    I've been eyeing Drucquer blends for a while now, picking up one here & there. After learning of the sale on SP, I stocked up a bit, as apparently did many others. Interesting that their blends did not appear to garner much attention, only occasionally running out of stock on Blairgowrie...
  19. badbriar


    What is the difference between 'Balkan' and 'Oriental' pipe tobacco blends? Could this be another 'English' & 'Scottish' thing, or is there a real definitive difference?
  20. badbriar

    Postage Cost To Australia

    So, how would one find out the postage rate for a package to Australia from the US?