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  1. smokey789

    Whisky/Bourbon Glasses

    If you use some special glass, what is it? What makes it special for you? What do you recommend? Edit: I just realized those might be two different kinds of glasses. I'm more interested in bourbon glasses, but I don't want to leave anyone out. Post your lager or beer glass as well if you'd...
  2. smokey789

    Pipe Shapes and Moisture Control

    I just finished an article that said some pipe shapes are less prone to moisture and gurgle than others. I looked to see some explanation and didn't see a link or anything. Does the shape make any difference? Is it noticeable? Which shape(s) smoke better than others? And, maybe it has...
  3. smokey789

    Pipe Blanks

    I've seen a few of these blocks of briar with a stem and wondered about carving or shaping it into something reasonable. iI believe they are completely drilled. They just need shaped into some sort of bowl. Anyone ever try this? Seems like it would be tedious and difficult. Briar is hard stuff.
  4. smokey789

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    I'm a new member. I've been smoking a pipe off and on for about 10 years. I really enjoy the relaxation that comes with smoking a pipe full of a favorite blend. I thought I'd come here and take a chance that I might be able to retain some of the knowledge I'll experience. If nothing else, I...