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  1. delkhouri

    New Hinkle Pipe and a Recommendation

    Hey all..... I recently scored a second pipe from Artisan Pipe Maker Joe Hinkle. Joe is a vary talented pipe maker and a heck of a nice guy and he is one of those that I don't see talked about too often on here. HIs pipes are very fairly priced when new from the maker and you can also find some...
  2. delkhouri

    Columbus Trunk Show

    Hey all..... just wanted to let you know about an upcoming even.... Mark your Calendars for Sunday November 4th from 12-5pm. I have attached a flier with all the info so I hope to see some of you there. Address: 33 E College Ave, Westerville, OH 43081
  3. delkhouri

    New Thomas James Pipe.... the Ace of Spades

    Thomas James is becoming one of my favorite pipe carvers. In my opinion he is really underrated and doesn't get the notoriety he deserves. I have also had the chance to meet him and hang out with him at several columbus pipe shows as well as in the shop at smokers haven. He is a heck of a nice...
  4. delkhouri

    Smokers Haven Cognac Pipes

    Hey everyone, I just got a new pipe from Smokers Haven. It is one of their limited availability Cognac Pipes. I stopped by the shop today to have a look around and picked up one of these on a whim. It really is an inexpensive well made pipe. It smokes well, its very light and its drilled...
  5. delkhouri

    Wessex Gold Virginia Flake

    I recently acquired a tin of Wessex Gold Virginia Flake from Phill22. Since it was dated 12/12 and since it was a nice 55 degree evening in central Ohio, I decided to pop the tin, load up my Larrysson prince, and sit on the porch to enjoy the evening. This was the first Wessex tobacco I have...
  6. delkhouri

    New Pad - TIm Thorpe Gatsby

    Even though I did not have much money for a pipe, I saw this pipe on Ebay and made a bid. I did not think I would win but I did. Thankfully, it arrived while my wife was at work and I won't have to buy her something to offset my pipe spending. It was made and sold on ebay by pipe maker Tim...
  7. delkhouri

    Most Underrated Shape

    What do you think the most underrated Pipe Shape is? Now this isn't what is your favorite shape, but more what shape do you think does not get he credit it deserves. For me: The Prince I recently picked up this prince. It is my first ever prince that I have owned or even smoked. It smokes...
  8. delkhouri

    New Pad and Updated Collection

    I know that my collection is small compared to some but I'm pretty proud of it. I apologize for the bad pictures. First up, my new Larrysson Blasted Prince thanks to Next up my updated collection. From Left to right: Missouri Meerschaum - Shalom pipe made in Israel - Poker I...
  9. delkhouri

    IM Corona lighter Questions

    My never-ending quest for a pipe lighter continues. I had a S.T. Dupont knock off that I bought in a European pawn shop and I like the the action, but it works sporadically and it does not have an angled flame for pipe lighting. I bring it up because I like the operation of it with a lid and...
  10. delkhouri

    Columbus 2014 Show Review and New Thile

    Well the Columbus show has come and gone, except for the Smoker's haven post show events tomorrow. It was a good show this year. I had a blast hanging out and talking with so many Pipe makers such as Ryan Alden, Jason Cochey (briarbird), Thomas James, SE Thile, Joe Nelson, Nate King, Perry...
  11. delkhouri

    Latest TAD order

    I just received in the mail a package of Tobacco that I ordered last week. Most of it will be cellared to get some age on it and there a a few tins I have never tried. 2x Briar Fox 2x Kajun Kake 1x University Flake 1x Erinmore Flake 1x Bayou Morning Flake 1x Opening Night (new to me) 1x...
  12. delkhouri

    Anniversary gift from the wife - SorringOwl Leather Pipe Pouch

    This Summer my wife and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary and I just received the gift she ordered for me. It is a SorringOwl and Sons Leather pipe pouch. It is a beautiful piece and she even had my initials engraved in the bottom corner. To give you a review, the pouch is very very nice...
  13. delkhouri

    Rad Davis Pipe Value

    So last year I bought a Rad Davis Pipe, its fairly large for a Rad Davis. I have only smoked it a couple times and it smokes very nicely. Last fall I took it Smokers Haven and had them restore/polish the Cumberland stem and clean the pipe up. The pipe is a smoked but restored estate that is in...
  14. delkhouri

    Smoking Holster Pipe Sock and a new pipe

    So, I have been and admirer of Smoking Holster Pipe Bags for a long time, but I cannot afford one. So I was thinking of a creative and affordable way to transport a couple pipes and a pouch of tobacco around and I thought of an over-sized pipe sock. So I contacted Neil at smoking holsters to see...
  15. delkhouri

    Columbus Loot (Lots of Pics)

    Here is my stuff from Columbus: Perry White - I didn't know much about him but I loved the blast and the stem work. The pipe is also very very light. Rad Davis - My first Rad Davis - It still needs cleaned up. This is a big pipe for a Rad but I liked the blast and it felt great in the...
  16. delkhouri

    Red Hat Pipes - Kjeld Sorensen

    I have recently found a couple of his pipes for sale and I was wondering if anyone had one of his pipes and could comment on it smoking attributes. I remember meeting him years ago at the Columbus show and being impressed with his work, but I never hear anything on the forums about this guy.
  17. delkhouri

    $200 Artisan Help/Advice Needed

    So I'm looking to spend about $200 on a pipe and I have wanted an artisan pipe for some time now. I might be able to spend a little more but some things would have to align to make that happen. Anyway I am fully intending on going to the columbus show in 10 days and was going to try to find...
  18. delkhouri

    Eric Heberling - EJH PIpes

    Does anyone know much about this guy. Is he still making pipes? I have looked around and can't seem to find much information and most of the information I do find isn't new. His site: is down. I found one of his estate pipes - a nice little sandblasted billiard/lovat. How...
  19. delkhouri

    Jan Pietenpaw Pipes

    Briar Bid's update came out tonight and the pipe I had my eye on was a Pietenpaw. Someone else snagged it before I had the chance. I don't know much or anything about this maker other then seeing a few of his pipe come up from time to time. So I did some research and found out he is from South...
  20. delkhouri

    Columbus Pipe Show

    I know its still a month away but is anyone going to the columbus show?