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  1. Cappy

    Famous Pipe Smoker Died on this Day in 1963

    His name was CS Lewis. Aldous Huxley died on the same day. There was another famous man who died that day but his name slips my mind. ;)
  2. Cappy

    WTB: Robert McConnell Scottish Flake 11/19/21

    Anyone have some Scottish Flake you’re willing to offload?
  3. Cappy


    Had my first experience with Ennerdale today. First off, it's the most off-putting of tin notes. Way more perfume smelling than one would think would be good tasting. But, fortunately, it didn't taste like it smelled. Somewhat subdued sweetness. Not onboard yet, but will give it another go...
  4. Cappy

    CS Lewis Flick

  5. Cappy

    If you could only have 100 tins.

    I am revisiting Brian's question to the seven experts where he asked this question. Would it be 100 tins of 1 blend, 50 tins of 2 blends, 25 tins of 4 blends, or 10 tins of 10 blends? I'm gonna fudge on the numbers a bit. For me, it would be 33 tins of 3 blends. Those blends are Escudo, 3 Nuns...
  6. Cappy

    If you want to train yourself to smoke more slowly . . .

    . . . get some Le Petit Robin. That shag is so finely cut, if you don’t pack it very tight and smoke it creepingly slow, it’s gone in 3 puffs.
  7. Cappy

    Vincent Manil Le Petit Robin

    Had first bowl this morning. VERY flavorful. Wonderful toasty sweetness. Because of super fine shag cut, it burns really fast. Need to pack tight and smoke slowly. I will buy more of this toby.
  8. Cappy

    Luxury Bullseye Flake

    I know I am late to the party on this one, but, man, that stuff is good. Flavorful, cool, and burns to the bottom with little effort.
  9. Cappy

    Do you Smoke Right handed or Left handed?

    Please capitalize important words only. Edited. That's probably a dumb question. I only smoke while sitting and so I don't clinch. While I am right hand dominant, I mostly smoke left handed. Why? I have discovered that I taste better with the left side of my tongue. Am I alone in that oddity?
  10. Cappy

    HU Director's Cut

    One of our fine members included a sample of HU Director's Cut in some toby he sold me. I had never heard of it, much less smoked it. I gave it a go this morning. It's quite tasty, sweet and tangy, not too spicy. Definitely a worthy smoke.
  11. Cappy

    If you could smoke only 1 blend in your bowl . . .

    Which would it be? I know we'd hate to have to make such a decision, but which would it be if you did?
  12. Cappy

    Where did the flavor go?

    BRAND new pipe smoker. Found a couple of blends with a lot of flavor and was delighted. But now I taste nothing but blandness no matter what toby I try. I suspect it has something do do with the tongue bite I've been experiencing. Is that the case? If not what is it? And will the flavor ever...