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  1. railman

    Blended Solani 660 and HH Pure Virginia

    After a few not so interesting results in home blending I have left that skill to the pros, but... Today I jarred up a recent delivery of Solani Silver Flake and HH Pure Virginia, and in the process of folding and stuffing into jars I inevitably ended up with some scraps that weren’t really...
  2. railman

    Bjarne Nielsen Signature Sandblast, Graded?

    While on vacation this past week I stopped into a B&M and came across a nice blasted slightly bent brandy. I was quite surprised in inspecting it to discover the stamping indicates it as a Bjarne Nielsen signature, unsmoked! There’s a few things about it I was hoping someone could help me out...
  3. railman

    Viprati PAD

    I always like to check out local pipe and tobacco shops when traveling and on a recent business trip to Cleveland I stopped by the Robusto and Briar in the suburb of Lakewood. What a great shop with a huge lounge, and in addition to a lot of cigars they also have a very respectable stock of pipe...
  4. railman

    Netflix Caves to the Truth Initiative

    How fitting that on the birthday of America that Netflix would cave to self-censorship brought on by the anti-smoking crowd. Yet it seems like every show and movie I watch...
  5. railman

    Who Carved this W.Ø. Larsen?

    I picked up this W.Ø. Larsen Straight Grain as an estate on a visit to Iwan Ries 10 years ago, long before I knew anything about Larsen pipes, but I really liked it and it was something I could actually afford at the time. In the intervening years I’ve learned more about Larsen and the carvers...
  6. railman

    Oriental-Forward English/Balkan Recommendations

    I’m primarily a Virginia smoker but occasionally enjoy a little Latakia, and have recently really taken a liking to some oriental-forward English (or Balkan, depending on what your definition of Balkan is) where the Latakia is in a support role rather than up front. In particular I’ve been...
  7. railman

    Scofield Pipes

    Does anyone know if the carver of Scofield (his first name escapes me unfortunately) Pipes is still active? Since my return to pipe smoking last year I’ve been getting reacquainted with some of my old favorites and this is one. I picked it up at the 2009 Chicago show and I love the rustication...
  8. railman

    Great-granddad’s Meerschaum

    No one in my immediate family smoked a pipe but my great grandfather did and luckily the meerschaum was kept and eventually passed on to me. He was born in Austria in 1877 and immigrated with is parents in 1882 to western Wisconsin. As a young man he homesteaded in North Dakota where he stayed...
  9. railman

    Pipe Shop Recommendations for the Cleveland Area

    I will be in the Cleveland suburb of Independence most of next week on business but if time allows I’d love to hit up a decent pipe/tobacco shop, if anyone has a recommendation for a shop in the area I’d love to know about it! I see Cousins Cigars is listed in the store locator but if there’s...
  10. railman

    New Old Stock Medico Bulldog

    While looking around an antique store I came across an unsmoked Medico “Crest” bulldog, still with the “bite-proof” sticker on the bit, $10. Couldn’t pass that price up! I have no idea on the vintage, I suspect it’s not terribly old. From what little information I could find the Crest line was...
  11. railman

    Amphora Apple Restore

    I had been looking for a cheap pipe to attempt some restore methods on and a few weeks ago I came across an Amphora apple in an antique store for $8. The pipe wasn't in too terrible shape to start with so it was a good one to begin with. Just some mild oxidation on the stem, some tar buildup on...
  12. railman

    Flemming Pipes

    I just recently picked up a pipe labeled “Flemming” I’m hoping someone can help out with as there’s some confusion over whether it was carved by Flemming Petersen (Flemming Piber) or a different brand labeled Flemming. Searching online hasn’t brought up much information. The pipe is stamped...
  13. railman

    New to the Forum

    Hello all, I've been lurking around the forum for a while and decided I should finally just join in! I smoked pipes for quite a while in the mid-2000s before dropping away from it for a while. About a year ago I decided I wanted to get back into the pipes and am happy I did. I work as a...