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  1. delkhouri

    F.S. US: Rattray’s Marlin Flake and Others [08.23.21]

    does that mean there are 4 tins of Marlin Flake left?
  2. delkhouri

    FS McClelland Butera & C&D CRF 07/14/21

    Any of this still available?
  3. delkhouri

    Old Boy, Kiribi or Peterson? Seeking Recommendation

    I have the Peterson lighter... To be honest, I wanted an old boy but I found the Peterson NIB for $40 and I have not been disappointed whatsoever. If I remember correctly, the Peterson Lighter is made by Tsubota Pearl in Japan and is quality. If all the prices are currently equal (or if money...
  4. delkhouri

    Top 10 American makers

    I will play: Thomas James Jesse Jones Bill Shalosky Jerry Crawford Scott Thile Scott Klein Jerry Crawford David Huber Abe Herbaugh Nate King That is my list.. I had to leave a couple off to keep the 10 limit and I left any off who are no longer making pipes.
  5. delkhouri

    Ohio Piper

    Columbus here. Welcome to the forum. If you haven't made it to the North American Society of Pipe Collectors show which takes place in Columbus (well Dublin) the end of august every year, I would recommend it.
  6. delkhouri

    Black Friday

    I agree in principle... especially when it comes to big box stores. I am not going out to Walmart and fighting the crowds/idiots to save $20 on a small kitchen appliance that I really don't need. However the one area that I will makes purchases on Black Friday is with small businesses that rely...
  7. delkhouri

    Erik Stokkebye Family Reserve

    I haven't tried this one..... I have tried the rest of the 4th generation blends and most are just ok. I do really enjoy the 1931 flake. I am going to have to try this one. Thanks for the review.
  8. delkhouri

    Cornell & Diehl: Carolina Red Flake available at

    How many tins did you all order.... the 25 or a lesser amount?
  9. delkhouri

    Cornell & Diehl Jolly Old St. Nicholas

    I saw it at my local b&m but I thought I would wait for reviews before I pulled the trigger..... I think I'm gonna pass.
  10. delkhouri

    More $ on Tobacco, or Pipes & Accessories This Year?

    I don't have any set rules for PAD/TAD..... but in general, I only acquire 1 or maybe 2 pipes a year... ones that really speak to me and get a good deal on. I also tend to purchase as much tobacco as I smoke, so If i smoke one or two twins in a month that is what I buy.
  11. delkhouri

    Columbus Trunk Show

    Just a reminder... this is coming up this Sunday.
  12. delkhouri

    New Hinkle Pipe and a Recommendation

    you need to smoke that pipe.... or you can send it to me and I will break it in for you
  13. delkhouri

    Recent PAD (Alden, Piersel, Walker, KBB)

    Well done.... all great pipes. Congrats on adding to your collection.
  14. delkhouri

    New Hinkle Pipe and a Recommendation

    It is my first and to this day only morta, but it will not be my last. I would say that Morta and Meerschaum tend to be more neutral where briar adds a little 'briar/wood' flavor and olive wood adds even more flavor to the smoke, but all of these differences are so minimal that I REALLY have to...
  15. delkhouri

    Columbus Trunk Show

    and with the "new and much improved management" hoping to drum up some returning customers and/or bring awareness to the central Ohio pipe community that a pipe shop still exists in the area and isn't just a cigar shop with a few bulk house blends and a half dozen random tins to choose from.
  16. delkhouri

    Columbus Trunk Show

    They do have TV's in the shop so I would imagine so but I have no authority to make it happen nor can I promise that it will.
  17. delkhouri

    New Hinkle Pipe and a Recommendation

    Hey all..... I recently scored a second pipe from Artisan Pipe Maker Joe Hinkle. Joe is a vary talented pipe maker and a heck of a nice guy and he is one of those that I don't see talked about too often on here. HIs pipes are very fairly priced when new from the maker and you can also find some...
  18. delkhouri

    Columbus Trunk Show

    Hey all..... just wanted to let you know about an upcoming even.... Mark your Calendars for Sunday November 4th from 12-5pm. I have attached a flier with all the info so I hope to see some of you there. Address: 33 E College Ave, Westerville, OH 43081
  19. delkhouri

    Major Estate Score From The Web

    Can I ask what you type in to find pipes? When I try to find pipes at all those "yardsale" sites, I just find plumbing pipes or marijuana pipes. I have yet to find the right verbage to yield any results.
  20. delkhouri

    My 1st Commission - Thomas James

    I have gotten to know Thomas through the Columbus show over the past few years. He is a nice guy and he make a really really good pipe. IMO he doesn't get enough credit or accolades for his work. Not to hijack the thread but I have two of his pipes and thought I would share to add some eye candy...